How to Beat Traffic Stress in Metro Manila

Learn how to cope with the crazy traffic with these six stress-busting tips. By Felice Tusi

How to beat traffic stress in Metro Manila

Braving the horrendous traffic has become a daily challenge for urban warriors in Metro Manila. It can be very frustrating when you’re caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. But you need not go crazy sitting inside the vehicle. Check out these six tips on how to chase the traffic blues away during the rush hour madness.

1. Prepare a battle plan

Make it a habit to check your car first before getting behind the wheel. You wouldn’t want your car breaking down in the middle of the road, do you? It also pays to take note of alternate routes and possible detours to avoid chokepoints in the metro. Download helpful mobile tools such as Google Maps, Waze and the MMDA apps as your road companions every day. However, remember not to use your mobile phone while driving! Be sure to mount the device on the dashboard so that it’s not blocking your line of sight.

2. Send, post, and like

For those who cope with the daily bus commute, kill time by maximizing your phone’s data plan. Use it to check emails, browse social media sites, or watch your favorite TV series. Catch up on the latest gossip with your friends through chat or video call.

3. Ditch the car and book your ride

In today’s digital age, everything can be purchased online, including your ride. If you want the full convenience of having a driver at your beck and call, companies like Uber and Grab are merely a tap away. Both operators now offer carpooling as an option, letting you share a ride to cut costs, and perhaps earn new friends along the way. (It’s better for the environment to carpool too!)

4. Stretch and breathe

Be mindful of health issues the next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam. The Philippine Heart Association suggests simple stretching exercises to prevent blood clots in the veins. According to, health experts say it’s important to move your fingers and legs every half an hour to improve blood circulation. Don’t forget to take deep breaths to help you relax too.

5. Get to your destination in style

Riding a bus from Makati to Quezon City used to be unthinkable during rush hour. Not so with the arrival of the point-to-point bus system servicing several routes around the city. The fare is more expensive than that of regular buses, but with features like aircon, free WIFI, LED TV and ultra-comfy seats at your disposal, who’s complaining?

6. Gear up with treats on hand

It’s hard to lead a healthy lifestyle when you experience traffic hassle every single day. Having snacks and drinks at the ready will perk you up while enduring the long wait. Go for energy boosters like nuts, fruits and water to keep you focused on the road.

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