Must-Have Apps for Condo Dwellers

Pursuit of Passion Apps

Condominiums have turned out to be a great option for some people as it gives them their own space and the chance to reside in prime locations in the city without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Condo dwellers, especially those who are part of the country’s workforce, value their time. As people often say, time is money and because of this, there’s a need for tools that could help them devote more of their time for work or leisure.

Because of this, app developers have been continuously looking for ways to help busy individuals by providing solutions that could be as easy as a touch of a finger.

Here are some types of apps that condo dwellers should have to make life so much easier.

1. Tody

Condo dwellers often think that they don’t have time to clean their spaces. With the sheer number of tasks that need to be done, home-related tasks can sometimes be pushed back. Downloadable on the App Store for only P199, the cleaning app Tody (just search Tody Cleaning) will help you will help you divide the work into little tasks which will then be easier to accomplish.

Tody visualizes dirtiness to motivate cleaning and then visualizes the effect of cleaning to enhance your satisfaction afterward. You can customize the app to your liking and eliminate the tasks that are not applicable to your condo.

2. Food Panda

If you’re too busy to cook or go out for food, a reliable delivery service is your best friend. Food Panda boasts of a very simple way to order food. Just search in their roster either by typing in the restaurant name or browsing through different cuisines, choose the food you want to eat, pay online, and wait for its delivery.

What’s great about Food Panda is their vast selection of over 1,000 restaurants, where you can find any meal that will satisfy your cravings. You want to host some of your friends but don’t have time to prepare? Order through the app and prepare the table for your feast.

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3. Budgeting apps such as Fudget or Money Monitor

Budgeting is important in any household and that also holds true, especially for condo dwellers who might be living away from their family for the first time. If you think about it, paying bills, cleaning your condo, shopping for groceries, and other tasks might seem easy to do but when they all come together, things might get out of hand.

Having an app that helps you track your expenditures will not only help you make sure that you have enough for the things that you really need but also inspire you to save. If you set aside enough money, you can even consider looking at a condo for sale in Makati for investment opportunities.

4. Your bank’s app

The mobile app developed by your trusted bank will be your best friend because it’s more convenient than lining up in the bank. BPI’s app, for example, will allow you to pay your bills, transfer funds from your different accounts, and even transfer money to any BPI depositor using your phone.

They have over 400 partner merchants that will accept payments through the app and you can even reload your Globe or TM prepaid phones.

It also allows you to get the first look at your bank’s promos and helps you locate branches and ATMs in your area so you’ll know exactly where to go when you need to.

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5. Buy and sell apps such as OLX Philippines and Carousell

Maximize your condo space (and budget) by routinely cleaning out or discarding items that you don’t need or use anymore through buy and sell apps.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your television or selling slightly used shoes that you don’t get to use anymore, buy and sell apps such as OLX Philippines and Carousell could help you out as there’ll surely be someone out there who’s more than willing to take those items out of your hands.

Moving into a condo, especially for the newly independent ones, could be a daunting task. However, the proper use of technology can help make condo living more convenient.