9 Clever Room Divider Ideas for Your Studio Unit

Make the most out of your studio space with these easy-to-do (and easy-on-the-eyes) partitions. By Stephannie Reyes

Photo by Patrick Perkins from Unsplash

Nowadays, open space living in condominium buildings is very common, especially if you’re on the lookout for options that are more on the practical side. However, you might sometimes feel that your studio unit is a bit tight since your eating, sleeping, and working spaces tend to overlap. Hello, room dividers.

Room dividers are used to define areas, to create privacy, or to simply decorate open spaces. The advantage of using dividers over putting up walls is its movability and impermanence, since dividers could easily be moved, depending on your current needs.

Dividing or multiplying rooms for various purposes when you only have one is a great challenge when you are living in a studio unit. Fortunately, there are lots of available options that are easy on the pocket and are doable even on your own.

To help you decide, here is a quick rundown of clever DIY room divider ideas that you could use in your condo unit.

1. Curtains
Perhaps the easiest to find and quickest to set up among DIY divider options, curtains could be easily closed and opened to establish indoor privacy as needed.

To set this up, all you need is a curtain rod or pole, some hooks, and drapery panels in your chosen palette. Should you opt for a mobile room divider, you can hang your curtains on a rolling rack.


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2. Old Doors
Upcycling or creative repurposing is not only a great way to help in reducing waste but also a means to exercise your creativity and imagination by breathing life to old pieces. With a bit of paint and a few hinges, you can link discarded doors and turn them into a foldable divider.


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3. Shipping Crates
Other scrap materials that you could repurpose and put into good use are shipping crates. Wooden pallets are one of the most versatile materials that you could use to decorate your place.

By using wood slats, you can then create vertical panels that could serve as partition while maintaining good lighting and air circulation within your condo unit as it does not completely block your source of light and air.


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4. Bookshelves and Bookcases
Every inch of floor space counts, especially if you are living in a studio unit. To hit two birds with one stone, why not transform your book shelf into a room divider?

Aside from adding character to your rooms, utilizing bookshelves as dividers serves a dual purpose of keeping and displaying your favorite reads and separating your personal space. To make them more flexible, you could choose shelves with locking wheels for easier movement.

5. Cork Boards or Chalk Boards
Should you wish to display photos, souvenirs, and other mementos, you can create your own bulletin board between two areas that you wish to separate. This adds a bit of flair while allowing you to have your own freedom wall or vision board where you can post important reminders, to-dos, and goals.

A series of chalk boards could also do the job of segmenting rooms, while allowing you to write, draw, or create unique works of art using colored chalks.

6. Hanging Dividers
To keep rooms or areas inside your condo unit bright and airy, hanging dividers would be your best bet. When every inch of floor space is valuable, hanging your dividers instead of putting them on the floor is a viable solution.

To craft your own hanging divider, you simply need sturdy strings, and decorative materials that you can link together and hang such as old vinyl records, CDs, or vintage license plates. A hanging divider made up of vintage materials is eye-catching due to the unique visual impact that it brings out.


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7. Go Green
Bring life and color to not one, but two rooms, by exercising your green thumb and using your very own green wall as a room divider. A green wall, or shelving system for plants could be done by placing plants vertically on a wooden panel up to your desired width.

Some of the best plants to use in a green wall are ferns and succulents as these are low maintenance yet highly decorative. If this will be your first time to do indoor gardening, we’ve rounded up this list of tips and ideas for your future vertical garden.


8. Huge Headboard
Another technique to maximize a small space is to be thoughtful in placement of furniture pieces. By placing your bed in a strategic position, your bed’s headboard can serve as a room divider which would ensure privacy in your sleeping area while separating it from the rest of the partitions in your unit.


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9. Accessories or Garment Rack
You do not have to always make a choice between style and function, as there are viable options where you can achieve both. Create your own floating closet in your condo unit by strategically placing rods and racks between two areas that you wish to keep separate.

Aside from keeping your clothes and accessories neat and orderly, your floating closet could also showcase your eye for style by keeping your statement pieces on display.


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Whether you are living in a cozy studio or a very spacious condo with an open floor plan, using room dividers will help you to decorate and utilize every precious square meter of your condo unit.