7 Ideas to Create a Staycation at Your Own Home

A staycation is an appealing option for those who want to take a relaxing vacation without having to travel far.

A staycation is an appealing option for those who want to take a relaxing vacation without having to travel far. While hotels have been the usual choice for a staycation, it can get expensive. A staycation spent at home offers a lot of possibilities for you and the family; it’s all a matter of getting creative! Pursuit of Passion offers these ideas:

1. Re-create a breakfast buffet

Cook as much breakfast fare you have, set it up in pretty platters, and decorate the table. Make a quick beverage section with pitchers of juice and water. Be extra creative and make nameplates for the food. Remember to pile up the plates and utensils on one side and ask your family to line up for the buffet! Have a hearty meal and remember that there’s no better way to start a staycation than having a big breakfast.

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2. Set up a crafts table, a building blocks section, or a“dramatic play” area

If you have kids, lay out coloring materials, paint sets, and lots of pieces of paper and watch them get creative. There are also a lot of printables online that you can download and use as coloring pages. You can suggest a couple of things that they can make, like flower chains for their rooms, pirate hats, or paper bags.

For toddlers or younger children, a building blocks section or a box filled with costumes and other make-believe toys will keep them entertained for hours. A staycation is often associated with relaxation but it could be about learning too!

3. Call in for a massage

Home massage services are available anywhere in the metro. Make it a couples massage if you like, or have some me time and do it on your own. Take a longer time in the shower when rinsing off, just like how you would take your sweet time in a soothing spa.

4. Bring out the good bath stuff

It’s time to take the longest bath you’ve ever taken, and do everything you’ve been putting off. Do that body scrub, put on your hair mask and try out that face mask that promises to make you absolutely radiant. If you’ve got some candles lying around, bathe by candlelight to make it the most relaxing bath ever.

5. Take a nice, long nap

The best thing about vacations is getting to do things that you don’t normally get to do during the daily grind—like taking a nap without that snooze button.

It’s not a coincidence that most hotel beds are all white. It relaxes the guest instantly just by looking at it, and gives off the feeling of being soft and comfortable, much like lying on a cloud! Why not do the same and change your linens to white?

Give the rest of your senses a treat by putting on some nature sounds, closing the curtains, and spritzing a bit of room spray in lavender or vanilla, and snooze away.

6. Go globetrotting through the silver screen

Have your kids been bugging you to head out to Disneyland? Or maybe you and the hubby dream of taking a trip to Paris? Turn that TV on, microwave some popcorn, and choose movies based on their breathtaking locations to satisfy your travel bucket list, all in one night.

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7. Have a wine night

When was the last time you and your significant other had a date night when you didn’t talk about the daily grind? Bring out the wine and create a charcuterie board together while chatting away. Leave the adulting behind and pretend like you’re back to the getting-to-know-you stage when you’d talk about your interests, dreams, and all the things you want to tick off your bucket list. Go the extra mile and do a gadget ban so that you can really pay attention to each other.