6 Simple Hacks To Lower Your Utility Bills

Here are simple hacks you can do at home to help you reduce your utility bills; thereby, helping you save up on energy costs. By Mia Baquiran

By Wes Hicks on Unsplash

The electric bill is something that we dread receiving, especially if it seems to increase every month. Lowering your utility bills does not mean you stop watching TV or sacrifice air conditioning during the hot weather. There are many ways to enjoy life’s comforts and still manage to save money.

Try these simple hacks to lower your utility bills in your Avida home.

Keep the sun out

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Sunshine may be good for your health in the morning, but the heat can warm up your room too much. To cut down on air conditioning costs, insulate your windows. Use blinds or curtains to shield the heat of the sun. It’s also a great idea to put sun-loving plants by your windows to help cool indoor temperatures.

Stop overcharging your phone

We are guilty of this: charging our phones throughout the night to get full power when we head out for work in the morning. Did you know that this habit does more harm than good because it depletes battery life? Not only that. This also sucks a lot of energy, thereby adding more cost to your bill. So, stop the habit of plugging in your phone in the night to achieve a 100% power in the morning.

Stock up your fridge

stock up your fridge
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A well-packed fridge helps you cut down on electricity. Your food in the fridge acts as an insulator. Less food inside means more power required for the appliance to stay cool. With more insulation (i.e. food), less energy is needed to make it frosty. So, stock up, maximize your space, and save.

Be gentle on your electric kettle

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If you drink more than a cup of tea or coffee during the day, pour a kettle’s worth of hot water into a vacuum flask instead of turning the kettle on every time you need hot water. This helps you slash skyrocketing electricity costs and even helps you enjoy your coffee break without the hassle.

Wash clothes in full loads

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The washing machine eats up a lot of power. Make it a rule to wash only in full loads. Washing your clothes every two weeks instead of every week will help you save on water and energy. Also, instead of using the dryer, hang clothes out to dry. The sun and the air are natural dryers that keep your clothes smelling good and your pockets happy.

Look out for inverter technology

Buying new appliances? Inverter technology makes appliances – particularly refrigerators, air-conditioners and washing machines – more energy-efficient. The inverter compressor in these appliances operate at variable speed, versus conventional appliances that use compressors that operate at a fixed speed, consuming energy at a constant rate regardless of appliance use.

Check, too, for a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). You should also look for the Meralco Orange Tag. This shows your appliance’s estimated cost consumption.

Try these simple hacks and surely it will be a better feeling the next time the electric bill comes.