5 Ways to Give Your Condo a New Look On a Budget

Welcome in the new year with a new look for your space but without the painful hole in your wallet! By Gilda Ysobel Galang

Give Your Condo a Fresh Look On a Budget
Sometimes just a few home accessories can give your space a new vibe

A new year means a new you—but for 2019, why not go for a new-looking condo? If you’ve ever looked around your own unit and thought, “This needs a makeover,” then you’re not alone.

Still, makeovers can cost a lot if you don’t balance wants with realistic execution. Pursuit of Passion knows that refreshing a space doesn’t have to be a major project all the time, and we have just the right tips to do the job.

Allocate your art

Are you an art enthusiast or collector? Or are you planning to buy on your next artistic hunt? An easy way to spruce up your entire condo without doing any major redecoration is to move around your artwork and art pieces.

Give Your Condo a Fresh Look On a Budget

Painting your living area a different color is a lot of work. Switch around the artwork in your space—or better yet, ask friends if they want to trade! The beauty of having artwork, besides the obvious, is that they can brighten up any space and set a mood.

For minimalist living spaces, it’s good to switch from a monochromatic look by hanging a painting of a different color combination. This can inspire you to explore new looks, motifs, and textures to accentuate your space.

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Pimp those pillows

Whether it’s the living room or the bedroom, pillows are a condo owner’s go-to solution for adding character and quirkiness to a space. Throw pillows contribute color or texture to any room, either standing out or blending in with the existing décor.

Give Your Condo a Fresh Look On a Budget

There are many ways to change up your living room’s pace and mood. The new year also means a new Pantone color of the year. If you’re already excited to do some preliminary shopping before you get the new year redecoration started, why not take your pick from the predicted Pantone Colors of Spring 2019? There are 12 colorful tones and four neutral ones to choose from.

If color is your 2019 interior décor battle cry, choose from the brightly-colored ones and mix and match; you’re sure to have a candy- and jelly-colored living space just popping with palette-driven life!

Add a crowning glory with crown moldings

For a more permanent addition that’s bound to make a bigger statement, install crown moldings. These add a certain detail to a space and gives it a polished and refined appearance. Even smaller spaces like condo units benefit from this, especially if the molding reflects the simplicity or ornateness of the unit’s overall interior.

Give Your Condo a Fresh Look On a Budget

Best of all, this addition won’t burn a hole in your wallet. All you need is a good eye, a steady hand (if you are looking to do a DIY project), and a lot of time to perfectly install the crown moldings. If you have more budget to spare, hire a contractor to execute the job.

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Look for new lighting

The misconception about lighting—one that’s fun and artistic, not fluorescent—is that it’s expensive. In reality, lighting can be inexpensive, if you know where to look or have the patience to keep looking.

Statement lighting fixtures are a great addition as mood setters. Want a playful space-saver? Get a quirky pendant lamp. Need a functional statement piece? A good movable floor lamp sounds like a good idea.

Give Your Condo a Fresh Look On a Budget

Good lighting does two jobs: it can be a conversation starter and functional addition to the living room in one go!

Accessorize with smart pieces

Speaking of dual-purpose décor, a smart way to add accessories is to make sure they add value to the space. Mirrors that double as wall pieces, trays that are stylish yet actually hold your stuff, and transformable furniture all serve two functions—letting you solve two things with one piece!

Give Your Condo a Fresh Look On a Budget

A new look doesn’t need a new bank account of its own to support and execute. These smart tips aim to help you visualize a new look for your unit without bringing in too many unnecessary renovations. Let your creativity and imagination soar so you (and your condo) can reach new heights this new year!

These simple tips will turn your space from boring to boggling even on a budget! Visit Avida Land today and get a unit that’s right for your style.