5 Tips for Using Geometric Patterns In Your Home

Get design advice on how to use an array of shapes without overwhelming your space. By Bubbles Salvador

It's not a new trend, but geometric patterns are making a bigger splash these days (Photo by Sophia Baboolal on Unsplash)

How often have you felt terrified to try a new design trend for your home? It can be unnerving especially when you’re not sure if you can live with it until the next time you decide to redecorate. Here’s one of those trends that homeowners like you would likely want to try but are probably too scared to do so: geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns, while not a completely new trend, are making a bigger splash these days. Among those that are becoming increasingly popular are hexagons and triangular shapes. “Repeating lines, the mandala, and half-circles are also seen in interior spaces everywhere,” adds interior designer Tala Singson.

These patterns range from bold to simple, and can be used on accent walls and ceilings, or even something as simple as area rugs or throw pillows. Geometric patterns are also used on floor tiles and home accessories like light fixtures, and installed as backsplash in the kitchen. “We see these whether on linens, wall treatment or even on furniture,” says interior designer Dagny Madamba.

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Now while geometric patterns are lovely to look at when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, actually using this array of repetitive shapes in your home is a completely different story. They can make—or break—the overall look you’re going for.

As geometric patterns make a bold statement and instantly attract attention, you wouldn’t want to commit a glaring mistake. It’s always best to get expert advice on how to use this design trend without overwhelming your home’s existing features. Here are some tips:

1. Start small. If you’re not quite ready to take the leap, try it on soft furnishings first. Instead of doing a bold, geometric accent wall, for instance, Madamba suggests you go for soft furnishings like pillows, linen, and throws with your geometric pattern of choice. These are easy to mix and match with existing pieces at home. “You can also incorporate the patterns in decor and accessories—framed prints and other small decor can easily be changed, peppered around the house, and they don’t cost a lot of money,” Tala adds.

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2. When in doubt, keep it simple. Trying to stick to a budget? It may be cheaper to paint geometric patterns on a surface but Madamba says chances are the pattern will be bigger in scale because that’s easier to do. Instead, try using wallpaper and just choose one with a simple design using only one or two color schemes.

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3. Go neutral. Hexagons and triangular shapes are already eye-catching enough, so you should opt for neutral or pastel shades to keep things subtle, as Madamba recommends. Reserve deep and saturated shades for when you’re more comfortable with this design trend.

(Photo by Mikael Cho on Unsplash)

4. Don’t underestimate small details. You’d be surprised how something as simple as replacing an area rug can change the look of a room. Madamba says not only is it easy to install, it also allows you to be as bold or subtle depending on the amount of pattern the other elements in the room can embrace. A tip from Madamba: Simpler geometric designs can be used as accompaniment to a bolder pattern or accent piece. Stand in the middle of the room and look around first before you make a decision.

5. Zone in. Ready to stop playing it safe? Feel free to experiment. Singson says it’s possible to go crazy with geometric patterns without overwhelming other design features. How? Have a dedicated space for it. The bathroom, for instance, is an ideal space to do it because you can lay geometric tiles or paint patterns on almost every surface, from the floor to the walls, and even the countertop.

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