5 Condo Safety Tips to Remember When You Travel

Don’t just pack up and leave for your summer vacation without ensuring your home’s safety. Here are condo safety tips to know before you go. By Felice Tusi

Condo safety tips: don't post on social media
Photo by Anna Demianenko from Unsplash

The long hot days of summer signal trips to exciting local destinations or far-flung places outside the country. When you’re planning your trips this vacation season, don’t forget to make condo safety a priority. Take additional steps to make sure your home is extra safe when you travel. Pursuit of Passion recommends five tips to ensure your home’s security while you’re away.

1. Lock up

Secure all doors and windows of your home to prevent break-ins. The Philippine National Police urges the public to lock their houses before they leave for long vacations. Investing in high-security lock systems is also a wise idea in order to ensure the security of your condo. Aside from closing the windows, draw the curtains so no one can take a peek from the outside. If you’re leaving anything valuable like cash, jewelry and gadgets, it is best to keep them in a safe place, away from view and under lock and key.

2. Inform the condo admin

Give the building administrator a heads up on how long you’ll be away, prompting them to keep a close watch on things. It will alert them of unusual happenings like unexpected visitors claiming to be your friends or maintenance crew requesting access to your unit. Make a request for security personnel to drop by your front door from time to time to report anything suspicious. They are there to keep condo safety a priority.

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3. Ask a relative or close friend for help

Another way of gaining peace of mind while on vacation is tapping a trusted friend or a family member for house-sitting favors. Lure them with free Internet, a well-stocked refrigerator and a Netflix-ready big-screen TV at their disposal while they stay in your condo. If there’s nobody available, then ask a neighbor to check on your place regularly.

4. Unplug and tidy up

Unplugging electrical appliances is yet another thing you must do before you go. Doing so enables you to save energy and money on your monthly electric bill. Moreover, it won’t hurt if you tidy up the place. Make time to empty the garbage bins, change bed sheets and clear the refrigerator of any food that can spoil easily. Coming home to a clean home can lift your spirits after a long flight or a day on the road.

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5. Don’t post your whereabouts on social media

In this age of social media, we tend to go overboard on sharing posts about the food we eat, the company we keep and the places we go to. It definitely is not a good idea to let everyone know that you’re in some remote sandy paradise, and not at home. Tech-savvy thieves can trace your address, so don’t give them any hint that no one’s home. Just relax and enjoy your time away from the Internet. Save those vacation photos for posting upon your return.

The thrill of planning vacations can lead us to forget about condo safety, but choosing to live in a home within a safe and secure community can lessen your worries. Meanwhile, those who want to experience a year-round vacation lifestyle in suburban areas like Tagaytay can check out properties like Serin East and Serin West Tagaytay, where you can bask in the rustic countryside experience while enjoying relaxing amenities.

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