5 Reasons Why a Condo is an Ideal Starter Home

Looking to buy your first nest? Here’s why you should consider making a condo your first home. By Loraine Balita

So many young professionals, new couples, and young families are opting to purchase a condominium as their starter home. The perks of living in a condo and the advantages of being within the metropolis—staying a few minutes away from the office, bank, hospital, and other places of interest—are appealing for first-time home buyers. If you’re a young professional looking to buy a place you can call your own or a newlywed looking to set up your first nest, read on and find out why condo living might be the most ideal for your lifestyle.

1. You’ve got everything you need within reach

One of the major perks of living in a condo located within the metropolis is literally being minutes away from everything–yes, everything. Need to do a quick bank errand? The bank is just two to three blocks away. Need medicine in the middle of the night? There’s probably a 24-hour pharmacy nearby. Hardware stores for your immediate home needs (for light bulb replacements, nuts, bolts, and screws for installing and assembling furniture) are also within reach. Condos located within the heart of a major city are also a few blocks away from important establishments like hospitals. Schools, in case you are thinking of pursuing further education, are also mere minutes away.

2. It gives you access to exclusive amenities.

Condos conveniently offer amenities for the comfort and enjoyment of new home owners and their young families. In Avida Towers Astrea, residents can enjoy the outdoor area where they can mingle with their neighbors, a jogging path and swimming pool for an early morning health boost, and a play area and kiddie pool for fun weekends with the little kids.


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3. It can easily be rented out in the future

You might be asking, what if my family grows bigger in the future? In case this happens and you feel the need to move to a bigger home for your growing family in a few years, a condo has great lease potential that can give your family income on the side. It can easily be rented out and become an additional source of revenue for you. Condos that are centrally located within the heart of a city generally command a higher price and are more in-demand since they are located closer to offices, hospitals, malls, and other important establishments. The additional income from renting out your condo can help you provide the needs of your growing family in the future.

4. These are connected to other major points of the city (and the country) via transport hubs

Condos like Avida Towers Astrea are located along major highways traversed by various forms of transportation, which allow residents to easily navigate the city. Transport hubs are within reach. Avida Towers Astrea, for instance, is strategically situated along Quirino Highway, close to the intersection of Regalado Highway in Fairview, Quezon City where buses, jeepneys, and other forms of transport ply and where major malls, amusement parks, restaurants, churches, and cinemas are located. The much-awaited MRT-7 is set to include stations in and around Fairview which will give residents easy access to other parts of the Metro and suburbs up north.

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5. They’re easy to maintain

The upkeep and maintenance of a huge house might be too much for new couples and young professionals. New homeowners slowly get to adjust to responsibilities of home ownership with an average-sized condo first. This is why a condo is an ideal starter home for those who are just learning the ropes of owning and maintaining a home. The humbly sized condo is very easy to maintain–doesn’t require too much time to clean, and is safe and secure (with 24-hour security). You don’t have to worry about the time-consuming maintenance of a garden or upkeep of outdoor areas because condos have a property management team to do that job for you.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a condo is a good investment and an ideal starter home for a young professional, a newlywed, or a young parent (of little kids) like you. It’s within minutes to major transport hubs, malls, hospitals, and schools, is much easier to maintain, and has many amenities for you and your family to enjoy.

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