Moving Out of Your Parents’ House? Here’s What You Need to Do

Take a plunge into the unknown—do it wisely with our guide. By Diona Valdez

moving out
Living on your own comes with both challenges and benefits. Here's how you prepare for this milestone.

Always been curious about living independently and finally moving out? Adulting on your own terms summons a sense of pride: more so when you learn something new from the experience! But it isn’t always smooth sailing to find a condo near your work like in Makati; here are a few tips to make sure your declaration of independence goes through without a hitch.

1. Set your monthly budget

Renting a place usually requires a month’s worth of security deposit—to cover any property damages or shoulder rent in case a tenant fails to pay—and two month’s worth of advance payment. Make sure that your monthly income is more than enough to take care of rent and association dues, as well as utility bills such as water, electricity, and internet.

Keep in mind that after all expenses, you should still be living comfortably. Don’t hesitate to ask for a loan from your parents to jumpstart moving out. Just put everything on paper and stick to the agreed payment terms.

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2. Find a decent location

Compare average rental fees in different neighborhoods. Be mindful of important factors like square footage and views. If you’re eyeing a condo and you’re particular with amenities, schedule a visit with a real estate agent to take a look at what’s available.

Aside from the cost of living per location, safety and convenience are also crucial. Survey the surroundings. Does the village of your prospect place impose a curfew? Is there a grocery store nearby? How far is the nearest hospital?

Another deciding factor in choosing your own home is its proximity to your office. Before you find a condo near your work (like in Makati), take note if the area is accessible to public transportation to minimize possible commuting hassles. No need to bring a car anymore—that means no more parking and vehicle maintenance fees to worry about either.

3. Map out your moving plan

Instead of hiring professional movers, DIY to cut down on expenses. Enlist family and friends who can assist you on moving out day, then just rent a vehicle if needed. Set a realistic goal date to give you an extra push to start getting ready. It also serves as a reminder for people who will help, so they can already mark your target day on their calendar.

Secure all your items with packing supplies such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Place essentials—toiletries, utensils, house clothes—in a separate box that you can find easily so you can use them right away on your moving day. Label all boxes clearly and keep important documents in envelopes.

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4. Develop independent habits

Kick off independent living by creating a schedule of chores. You may allot up to 30 minutes a day for easy tasks such as sweeping floors or dusting surfaces while washing laundry and cleaning the bathroom can be done on weekends.

Now’s also a good time to cut down on unnecessary spending. Always be mindful that there are utility bills to pay aside from rent, as well as emergency costs such as medical and house repair expenses. Cooking meals at home saves a lot of money and keeps your health in check, too. Scouting unique furniture? Online buy-and-sell stores offer amazing bargains. What you can save from scoring a second-hand dining table can be spent on a reliable, energy-saving refrigerator instead.

Living on your own comes with challenges as well as benefits. But those challenges can be easy to overcome if you have a great partner helping you out. Before you find a condo near your work (like in Makati), see what Avida Land properties have to offer you – added convenience and opportunities that will change your life for the better.