4 Awesome Tricks for Hosting a Gathering in Your Condo

Get creative with tips that will maximize your space—and the fun, too. By Diona Valdez

When work seems endless or schedules get hectic, occasions can be left uncelebrated and quality time overlooked. You keep wondering how your family and friends are doing, too. Having your own space (a 2-bedroom condo, maybe?) comes with numerous perks, and sharing it with the people closest to you is one.

Entertaining guests can be challenging—the venue may seem limiting, and DIY-ing the details may appear overwhelming. But with proper planning and lots of creativity, inviting everyone over your own condo will be a rewarding treat. Don’t wait for the next special occasion; these space-maximizing solutions will excite you to host that long-overdue catch-up soonest:

1. Make every room useful.

A small guest list is perfect for an intimate gathering. But there’s also truth in the saying “The more, the merrier,” so “Come one, come all” makes for a fun invite. Your guests don’t have to be packed in the living room. Encourage them to wander around and enjoy the rooms by giving each one a unique vibe.

Making every room welcoming is a great chance for all to mingle. Plug in string lights, hang some décor, or place some munchies on a small table. Strategy opens more space: put drinks in the farthest room to draw guests in and get rid of a bottleneck when they arrive.

Space-saver alert: keep valuables and other personal items in containers that you can stash under the bed, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them.

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2. Be consistent with the theme.

Have fun choosing your gathering’s theme and let the little details reflect it. Want to have a rustic theme? Put some wicker home accessories around your condo. Stick to natural palettes when you’re choosing table linens.

If you’re still clueless music-wise, you can just let Spotify do its wonders. Similar apps also allow guests to add their favorite tunes to the playlist so they can get involved in setting the event’s mood.

Let the small details reflect the theme you’re going for

3. Surprise them with repurposed spaces.

Be inventive by changing each room’s function. The kitchen is for food and the living room is for entertainment, but why not go for the unexpected? Let guests hang out in the dining room with a few appetizers. Serve hearty snacks in the TV area for a Netflix-bingeing all-nighter.

To avoid having too many people at once in the kitchen, convert your guest room into a dessert station, or turn the balcony into a cozy, makeshift café. Want to dance the night away? Rearrange furniture to give way to the floor. Think of your home as a flexi-zone where everyone can move comfortably.

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4. Get playful with alternative seating.

Those sarongs and banigs you tuck away in the closet once summer’s over are not only for the beach. Provide extra seating by placing them on the floor, plus blankets, folding cushions, and ottoman chairs. Up the comfort factor by adding some throw pillows, too.

Owning your own space allows you to organize a memorable gathering whenever you please. With breathtaking views to match a fresh, cool breeze like what Serin West Tagaytay offers, your guests will be in for a quick getaway—something they’ve been longing for in the company of the ones who really matter.