The Best (and Most Sensible) Benefits of Living in the Middle of the City

There are a lot of famous downsides to choosing to live in the city: heavy traffic, high cost of living, and cramped spaces among them. It’s the annoying (and sometimes distressing) price to pay for living in a bustling metropolis.

Beyond the reach of traffic and congestion, there are still a few unique pockets of peace in the city that have convinced many to live close to where all the action is — and they have plenty of good reasons to choose life in the city.

Life and Leisure Location

Better access to public facilities, leisure and entertainment locations, as well as businesses and offices will always be the main reason for many to choose the city as their home base. Having schools, hospitals, supermarkets, malls, and your office just a few minutes away is a big sell, enough to tip the scales towards choosing city life.

But aside from this obvious convenience, being in the center of everything also makes it easier to travel anywhere else. Ninoy Aquino International Airport can be easily reached from anywhere in Metro Manila, and provinces in Northern and Southern Luzon can be a quick day trip through the efficient highways leading North and South.

Transforming Transportation

There’s much to be said (not all good) of cities and their traffic situation. On the bright side, urban road infrastructure and new methods of public transportation are continuously being developed and planned. New train lines like the Makati City Subway and extensions of the MRT and LRT are set to be completed within the next few years.

New highways and expressways are also in progress, and new routes for point-to-point buses (P2P) are being added every year. Living in the city also means greater access to vehicles under ride-sharing platforms that will make your commutes even faster and easier.

Driving Diversity

Cities will always attract people from all walks of life. Each of them brings unique perspectives and cultures that make city living richer and all the more interesting.

Have a craving for authentic Indian or Persian food? There’s probably a restaurant nearby that serves a great butter chicken or kebab. Looking for a language exchange partner to practice your Spanish? An expat with some free time would be happy to chat with you. Diversity is beautiful.

Close to the Action, But Far Enough for Peace

If you’re looking for the best that city life has to offer, together with the ease, tranquility, and greenery of the suburbs, then it’s best to look at new developments that have successfully combined the two.

Located in the undisturbed side of San Antonio Village in Makati City, One Antonio offers a relaxed condo neighborhood-living experience situated in the middle of flourishing foliage. About 50 percent of One Antonio is composed of green, shared, and open space. Beyond providing a break from the harsh textures of the surrounding city buildings, the green design is intended to integrate nature in daily city living, to help increase the wellness of its residents.

One Antonio is a six-story, low-rise, low-density development; it doesn’t feel as restrictive as many comparable (and cramped) high-rise living spaces. The property offers a secure, distinctly exclusive living experience that’s difficult to find in a congested city like Makati.

With more than half of the property composed of shared open space, it can feel like tranquil suburban village living when, in reality, you’re no more than a few minutes away from the country’s financial and leisure capital.

For those looking for the convenience of city life, but still yearn for the serenity of green open spaces, look to One Antonio in Makati City and experience wellness and efficiency in an environment that’s private yet welcoming, exciting but also undisturbed.

Check out One Antonio and Avida Land’s other delightful offerings in Makati City.