Top 6 Reasons Why Living in Bulacan is Ideal for Your Family

Yes, you can have a taste of quaint suburban lifestyle while still enjoying the perks of city life. By Loraine Balita

Do you want to relocate your family outside Metro Manila?

Areas surrounding Manila like Bulacan have been seeing a steady influx of families relocating away from the hustle and bustle of busy and teeming Manila. Couples who have grown weary of the hurried city life are coming to suburban areas surrounding the capital to set up roots and start their families. Because yes, you can achieve your dream of peaceful suburban living while still enjoying the economic benefits the city offers.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why so many families are choosing to live and start their families in Bulacan:

1. Wide open spaces, lush greeneries, and fresh air make for a perfect environment to raise children.

For parents, nothing beats the joy of watching their kids freely running around a wide open space, with the wind blowing against their happy little faces. Something a crowded metropolis can’t offer. Suburbs allow kids to have a taste of charming suburban life, where life is much simpler, laidback, and the vibe is much more carefree.

2. Because it’s nice to escape the stress of city life, and come home to relax somewhere peaceful when work’s done.

Bulacan isn’t as far away from Manila as some might imagine it would be. Suburban areas like San Jose Del Monte is 15 minutes away from Quezon City and an hour from Makati without traffic. There are also buses as well as many other modes of transport you can use to travel to and from Manila if you live in San Jose Del Monte.This gives people who go to Central Business Districts like Makati, Ortigas, and BGC a chance to escape the busy city, head home daily after work to relax in their peaceful suburban abode

3. There are many establishments now in Bulacan that cater to the needs of families living there and tons of activities to try with the family.

On weekends when you’re too tired to travel to Manila you can head on out and explore the many things you can do in Bulacan.

In recent years, many malls and department stores have set-up shop in Bulacan. It is also famous for their scrumptious food and mouthwatering desserts and delicacies. You can explore the many food parks offering patrons the best of what the region has to offer. You can also join food tours and discover culinary gems like the Empanada de Kaliskis, hamon Bulakenya, and ginataang binagkat (sweetened gabi with milk and pinipig), among many others.

Living in Bulacan means you and your kids have easy access to nature spots

4. Natural and historical attractions are just a few minutes away

Aside from the many farms and resorts you can visit with your family, Bulacan is also home to natural gems like the captivatingly beautiful Verdivia Falls and the famed Pinagrealan Cave a subterranean network of caves in Norzagaray Bulacan which was used as a Katipunero hideout in 1898. There’s also Malangaan Spring and Cave in San Rafael where you can marvel at beautiful rock formations accented by a tiny stream that flows into a river. Further north, in San Miguel, you can find Biak-na-Bato National Park, where outdoor enthusiasts can hike through its many trails and network of caves.

In San Jose Del Monte, a one-hour trek through Mount Balagbag will lead you to Kaytitinga Falls, the unspoilt water feature is surrounded by communities of indigenous people from the Dumagat tribe who still reside in the area.

Bulacan is also home to the famous Barasoain Church, the Kalayaan Tree, and the Casa Real Shrine.

5. There are many new residential developments all over Bulacan to choose from.

Depending on the needs of your family and preferences you can choose to start your home in any of the many new residential developments in the area. In San Jose Del Monte, there’s Avida Settings Altaraza a masteplanned urban community built against the beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Madre Mountains. There’s also Avida Parkfield Settings in Pulilan that offer big lot cuts at affordable prices. In Malolos there’s Madera Grove Estates strategically located along McArthur Highway, near schools, hospitals, churches and other establishments.

6. MRT-7 set to be completed by 2019, will drastically cut travel time to Bulacan

In two years time, Bulacan will be even more accessible with the completion of the MRT-7. It will be a 22-kilometer rail system that will go from EDSA North Avenue all the way to San Jose Del Monte. Construction started in January and is expected to be finished on schedule. There are also plans to open more roads traversing Bulacan, which will connect the metropolis to more areas up north.

If you are looking to take your family away from the crowded city, head on over to the north and see what Bulacan has to offer. Who knows, soon you could be one of the many who have chosen to call this charming, culturally-rich, and strategically located suburb home.