Practical Living in the City: Why Avida Towers Verge is the Ideal CBD Dweller’s Choice

Living in the Central Business District has a lot of pros, but it also comes with a hefty price tag—but with the Avida Towers Verge, you get the perks of living the bustling cosmopolitan life, but sans the expensive cost of living. By Maita de Jesus

Hot tip for young professionals, early nesters, or anyone looking for everything right at their fingertips: living at Avida Towers Verge is all about convenience. Whether you need to get to work, go shopping, bring the kids to school, or simply have some time to relax—Avida Towers Verge has you covered.

Traveling is made easier.

Most Manila residents know the horror of EDSA during rush hour—or at any hour, for that matter. And it gets worse if you work in the Central Business District—those who head out to Ortigas, BGC, or Makati endure a lot of travel time and traffic.

But when you live in Avida Towers Verge, you’re a few meters away from the nearby MRT station or a PUV station, making heading out to any of those CBDs is a breeze. Choose the most efficient mode of transportation, and you’ll be there in an hour or less. If you’re headed to BGC, the future Sta. Monica-Lawton Bridge will get you there in half the time. Getting around the metro will finally be less of a hassle!

You get more space for the same price per square meter.

With the ongoing development of the Mandaluyong CBD area as well as the surrounding cities, it’s no wonder that the price per square meter of properties around Avida Towers Verge community is also steadily climbing up.

At the three-tower development, you’ll find the cost per square meter more than reasonable. You won’t feel cramped or squeezed into a tiny box, because it’s tastefully created with its future residents—young professionals or start up families—in mind.

And considering how accessible everything is from Avida’s latest offering in Mandaluyong, each square meter of your unit will pay for itself, since you won’t need to waste hours on the road anymore.

Renters will be easier to find.

A unit in Avida Towers Verge will be no problem to lease out, for several reasons. First, Avida will directly help you find potential lessees for your property. Second, its location makes it an attractive piece of property. And third, you can bank on Avida’s stellar reputation among tenants and agents.

Each unit is created with the young professional in mind.

Avida Towers Verge has a junior one-bedroom and a one-bedroom unit, created to accommodate the young professional who wants to be in the middle of it all. The sizes of the units are actually aligned with the trend of many millennials preferring to live simpler. It’s all about compact living for these young professionals, which addresses their need for more low maintenance options for a home.

When you live so close to work, with a compact space, hosting your own intimate after-office will never be a problem and clean up won’t leave you exhausted too.

No need to shell out for a gym membership or a play area.

What seems like small purchases—Php2,000 for a monthly gym membership, Php150 a week for the kid’s playground time—can add up to a hefty sum—money you could spend elsewhere. Lucky for you, Avida Towers Verge will contain a great gym with quality equipment, plus a play area for the little ones to enjoy.

Shop, dine, and have fun at the blink of an eye!

With so many affordable options for dining, shopping, and leisure activities, your only problem will be figuring out what to do first. And when you need an item or two from the grocery or run errands, Avida Towers Verge is surrounded by establishments that cater to numerous services and products—time to shop away!

Living the CBD lifestyle has become more accessible! Click here for more information about Avida Towers Verge.