North vs. South: Where in Metro Manila Should You Invest in Property?

Is your lifestyle better suited for the busy North or the laidback South? Let’s put all the North vs. South stereotypes to rest in this Metro Manila lifestyle face-off. By Mai Bantog

north vs. south

Much has been said about Metro Manila’s North vs. South debate. But is one really better than the other?

Let’s put these stereotypes to rest in this North vs. South face-off.

north vs south

If you prefer a laidback, suburban vibe and love being within easy driving distance from destinations like Tagaytay and Batangas, you might want to look for real estate properties in Metro Manila’s southern cities.

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But if the cosmopolitan and busy lifestyle up north is where you thrive, then you’d be better off considering real estate properties in Quezon City or Mandaluyong so that you can always stay in the thick of things.

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