This Modern, Pinterest-inspired Condo Unit in Alabang is Minimalist Yet Functional

Find out how this homeowner maximized the space in her 54-sqm condo

Lyrio Woldring in her condo in Alabang
Lyrio Woldring got to maximize her 54-sqm Avida home with some Pinterest inspiration and functional design

Once a southerner, always a southerner.

Lyrio Woldring grew up south of Metro Manila, but her family eventually had to move east to be closer to her husband’s place of work. Still, she wanted to have a home in Alabang where they could relax and enjoy whenever they visited family and friends.

“Avida had the value equation we were looking for. It’s very accessible to schools, churches, hospitals, and shops,” shares Lyrio.

A condo with a view—and a walk-in closet!

From the 19th floor of her condo building, Lyrio has a spectacular view of the Laguna de Bay and the mountains of Antipolo, Laguna, and Batangas—a perfect match to her unit’s Pinterest-inspired, modern, and functional design.

“I made sure that we maximized the 54-sqm space. With the pegs I got from Pinterest, and with the help of interior designer Karla Lirio, our collaboration became a success,” Lyrio describes.

Proof of this is how they were able to convert the master bedroom toilet and bath into a walk-in closet. “Aside from shutting down some pipes and breaking all those tiles, our design also had to have a lot of storage space without making it look tight. It’s my favorite part of the unit. I could sleep in it!” exclaims Lyrio.

The whole family pitched in as well, as they worked together to assemble the Ikea furniture they brought home from Australia.

Avida condo in Alabang

Sail into the south

It was also important for Lyrio to make sure the condo unit would reflect their passion: sailing. “We’re a crew of seven and we sail around Subic or Puerto Galera,” she relates. That’s why a portrait of their sailboat hangs on the wall of the master bedroom. A similar painting made by their daughter Claire when she was younger is also displayed in their home.

When family and friends come to visit the Woldrings in their condo, they rave not only about the magnificent view but also about its stylish look, cozy ambiance, and functional spaces.

Lyrio and her family couldn’t have made a better choice for a home in the south. “Whenever we enter the building, it always gives us this hotel vibe. The admin did a great job in maintaining its ‘uniformity’ policy. The security service is also an asset. I feel safe whenever I’m in Avida,” she says.

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