Mindful Living in the City

What are people's considerations when choosing or buying a house? Beyond value for money or location, consider every element that would allow you to live mindfully. By Lean Santos

Mindful living means understanding how our actions make an impact to the environment we're living in (Photo by Unsplash)

When you ask people what their main criteria for choosing or buying a house or condominium unit, there’s a good chance they’ll answer affordability, convenience, and the location’s economic potential. While these are all practical and reasonable considerations, there is a growing argument—not just for home buyers, but also increasingly from developers themselves—to include sustainability features and measures to their property developments to allow mindful living for their residents.

What is mindful living?

Mindful living provides consciousness and understanding of how our actions can and will make an impact on other people and the environment we’re living in.

But what is sustainability in property development? Sustainability, in a nutshell, is about providing living spaces that are friendly to the environment, respects the immediate surroundings, and allows people to live comfortably together. For instance, people can enjoy a more mindful living experience with a green space (like a park) within the property development to lessen pollution around the area or having better walkways and bike lanes for health and environment purposes.

There’s no reason for a property development to not have green areas that promote environment-friendly initiatives just because it is built within a city.

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Ticking all the boxes

However, in the concrete jungle of Manila, where high-rise buildings, cement roads, and glass-covered skyscrapers often outnumber trees and green spaces, is there a property development offering convenient, and comfortable living spaces that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable for everyone?

Find outdoor space in Arca South’s business and lifestyle districts where the community can thrive

Arca South, Ayala Land’s 74-hectare mixed-use development in Taguig City, ticks all these boxes, offering more than the usual convenience and amenities of a comfortable community as it promises to deliver a distinctive living experience. Arca South offers multi-faceted living right within the business and lifestyle district. Not only will the environment provide a comfortable living experience that cultivates personal interests and vibrant sensibilities, people looking for a cozy, sustainable home in the city will appreciate the competitive pricing that’s reasonable.

Central to the living amenities in Arca South is Avida Towers Vireo, the development project’s residential complex also shines in the sustainability category. Avida Towers Vireo features ample provision of windows to let natural sunshine and air to flow, giving residents a healthy living space while limiting the use of artificial ventilation or air conditioning system. Residents and guests will feel more comfortable despite the natural warm weather of the country.

Summers don’t have to be unbearable! People can also enjoy a lot of natural light both within and outside the developments, not only bringing them closer to nature but also contributing to lessening energy usage and carbon emissions.

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Sustainability factor

Arca South is strategically located along the East Service Road of the South Luzon Expressway and easily accessible via C-5, boasts various commercial and retail establishments, as well as office, institutional, and residential developments, among others.

Expect green spaces in Arca South

Avida Towers Vireo gives residents refreshing view and immediate access to ARCA Main Street, a sprawling green space that features a fitness park, central event area, urban promenade, and an interactive family park. It will also serve as a pedestrian-oriented park connecting residents to the city center with a commercial, retail and recreational establishment, transport hubs, and institutional establishments.

The whole development also promotes the use of alternative transportation through bike lanes, public transport stops, and proper sidewalks to encourage its residents and guests to leave their cars. As part of the water conservation measure, rainwater harvesting was designed into the system to be reused for non-potable purpose such as irrigation for the landscape areas.

So when you look for a new place to live in, don’t just consider the price tag, the location, and the amenities, make sure that the place you’re living in is conducive for healthy, sustainable, and environmentally responsible living. Know more about Avida Towers Vireo, here.