Looking for a New Home for the Family? Try San Pascual, Batangas

Families settling in residential developments in San Pascual, Batangas, such as Avida Settings Batangas, are well-positioned to partake in the municipality's vibrant environment and various points of interest conducive to growing a family. By Arturo Cuevas

Avida Settings Batangas

Once known as an oil refinery town, San Pascual in Batangas has risen strongly on its own as a place where you can grow a family. The first-class municipality lures potential homebuyers in with a steadily growing economy and a quiet yet central location less than five kilometers away from the provincial capital, Batangas City.

For these reasons, and because real estate values are more competitive compared to the capital’s, San Pascual has become home to major residential developments like Avida Settings Batangas.

Nestled in a Gateway Corridor

Just north of Avida Settings Batangas, San Pascual’s 50-square-kilometer area is bisected by the Bauan-Batangas Road, gateway to the San Pascual National High School and the Saint Pascal de Baylon Hospital—two institutions vital to those who want to grow a family in this town.

Several commercial and dining establishments and national retail chains have also sprung up on this stretch, no doubt egged on by the town’s population and market base of about 65,000 across 29 barangays.

Less than two kilometers on the Bauan-Batangas Road west of Avida Settings Batangas, more retailers and fast-food chains are as easily accessible in the town of Bauan. Aside from schools and healthcare facilities, Bauan also boasts of a host of homegrown restaurants where you can sample the famous Batangas lomi and authentic Batangueño baked goods.

Outdoor and Urban Delights

San Pascual’s environs also provide some natural points of interest. Features include a white sand beach in Bauan’s Barangay Sampaguita. Turning inland, less than an hour from San Pascual is the Abaksa River between the Bauan barangays of Manghinao and Inicbulan.

Shifting east from San Pascual to Batangas City, the provincial capital is home not only to 82 public elementary schools and 18 public high schools, but also several major higher learning institutions such as the Batangas College of Arts and Sciences, Batangas State University, University of Batangas, and the local branches of the Lyceum, AMA and STI.

Over a dozen hospitals and healthcare facilities likewise serve this city and the entire province of Batangas.

The robust economic growth of Batangas, mainly spurred by its port, has brought in major urban shopping malls to this city. Its urbanization notwithstanding, Batangas City retains vignettes of its old charm in its two large parks: Plaza Mabini (a.k.a. People’s Park) comparable to the parks of Makati’s Central Business District, and Laurel Park popular for its state-of-the-art light fixtures and landscaping.

For an outdoor family adventure, the city offers some undeveloped beaches to explore, like Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Isla Verde at San Agustin Kanluran. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and Batangas Bay with a hike up Mt. Banoy or a trip to Matoco Point in Barangay Pagkilatan.

San Pascual, Batangas, with its location and local draws, provides an attractive setting to nurture a growing family. Avida Settings Batangas exudes an endearing character in the masterful strokes of its development and home construction, which includes onsite amenities fostering community interaction and environment-friendly residential features.