3 Reasons Why Tagaytay is a Favorite Weekend Hangout

Three great reasons why you should go for the good life in Tagaytay with Serin East. By Felice Tusi

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When the weekend is looming, there’s nothing better than heading somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. For many city dwellers, the choice of driving up to Tagaytay is quite popular because, who wouldn’t want to take in the calm scenery and cool weather?

Tagaytay is well-loved for its highland setting, promising a refuge that’s close to nature yet has everything a busy metropolis can offer. It’s no wonder that it has become a popular destination, not just for a quick vacation, but for celebrating life’s sweet rewards as well.

What if you had the opportunity to live in a dream abode in such a serene setting? Serin East Tagaytay has features that complement the fantastic ambiance of the location, giving you the perfect retreat for a year-round vacation. Moreover, the best of what to see, eat and enjoy in Tagaytay are right at your doorstep.

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Great food options within your reach

Being Cavite’s prime leisure destination, Tagaytay also boasts many unique gastronomic experiences that would suit the fancy of any food lover. Visiting the city is a treat for the senses, what with the wealth of dining options found all over the city. A day of restaurant-hopping will leave you, and your appetite, completely satisfied.

If you love preparing your own food, fresh vegetables and excellent meats are readily available in places like the Tagaytay Public Market and Mahogany Market. Take advantage of other markets in neighboring Amadeo, Alfonso and Mendez for more selections. Whip up your own scrumptious creations right in the kitchen of your cozy retreat within the thoughtfully planned property from Avida Land.

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A hub for the sports and fitness enthusiast

Tagaytay is also a favored hub for leisure and sports. The striking scenery serves as an inspiring backdrop for marathons, yoga retreats, golf tournaments, biking competitions and other similar events. For the fitness-minded, nothing beats working up your endorphins while basking in views of the beautiful Taal Lake and the volcano.

Health-conscious residents will be able to maintain their fitness level using the recreational facilities inside Serin East Tagaytay. Aside from the well-manicured grounds that encourage activities like yoga and meditation, there are designated paths that are ideal for jogging, brisk walking and running. Grab the whole family for a dip in the pools for a refreshing treat. Those who just want to take in the invigorating atmosphere and resplendent views can relax in the lounge gazebo.

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Retail therapy for the shopaholic

Because of the fantastic location of Serin East Tagaytay, shopaholics can relish the thought of having the Ayala Malls Serin just next door. Spend a free afternoon working your way around the shops for a dose of retail therapy. Or simply recharge with an energizing meal in any of the restaurants. With the convenient address, residents will also find it easy to go to other places of interest such as churches, schools, banks, museums and local attractions.

Serin East Tagaytay is a perfect choice for people who want the comforts of a modern home in a cozy countryside setting. Shouldn’t you start living the good life and reap the rewards of your hard work?

To find that contemporary haven in Tagaytay where you can live every day like a vacation, visit Serin East Tagaytay.