Here Are the Best Home Service and Delivery Apps for People Who Love Staying Home

You can now get most of what you need (and want) brought to your doorstep with a tap on an app! By Kc L. Santos

By Tina Dawson on Unsplash

There are some days we all just want to stay home, relax, and drown out the outside world. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with curling up in your bed with Netflix on for some quality time by yourself.

The good news is that there are now apps that will make your homebody life much, much easier. You might not even want to leave your couch!

From food and grocery delivery to foot spas and more, here are just some apps for people who love staying at home.


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MetroMart lets you have groceries delivered without ever having to leave your home. You get your items in 90 minutes or less!

Though MetroMart has partnered with big supermarkets, the delivery service also specializes in non-food products by partnering with pharmacies, liquor stores, pet stores, toy stores, makeup brands, and more. Need to have dog food delivered? MetroMart’s got you covered.

MetroMart currently covers deliveries to Makati, Taguig, Pasay, Antipolo, Cainta, Las Pinas, Mandaluyong, Manila, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Pasig, Pateros, Quezon City, and San Juan. Delivery hours are from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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Want to get a relaxing massage? Or some TLC for your tired feet? Zennya lets you book a home appointment with a therapist with the touch of a button. Think of it as a Grab for getting a massage!

Zennya offers therapeutic massage services including Swedish aromatherapy and therapeutic massages, Shiatsu, Thai foot massage, and even office syndrome therapy designed to treat postural stress. The app also offers grooming services such as manicures and pedicures and more.

In addition, Zennya only employs licensed therapists, with their care providers undergoing continuous training and development. Get world-class care right in your home, using cashless transactions from your phone.

The service plans to roll out physical therapy and nurse-assisted medical and elderly care in the near future.


Want to restock your favorite gin, whiskey or wine? is an online alcohol delivery service that offers a wide range of beers, spirits, wines and more at liquor store prices.

Just order from their website and they accept cash on delivery. Delivery time is within 60-90 minutes in Metro Manila. They also have regular sales and promotions, so do check the store out. You may just get your favorite brand at a bargain.

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Do you have a leaky faucet that needs to be fixed? Is your home in dire need of cleaning? Gawin connects you with various service providers for your everyday needs. The services aren’t just limited to home improvement. Gawin grants you access to reliable professionals specializing in fitness, pest control, photography, transport, and moving services and so much more.

After inputting the service you need, the app sends you a quote or assigns top-rated vendors to you at fixed prices. Once the job is complete, you can pay the vendor directly. If you’re unsatisfied with the job, Gawin offers re-servicing or your money back all for free. They even offer insurance for selected services.



If you need to get some errands done, book MyKuya. The app connects you to Ates and Kuyas who will assist you in your errands and day-to-day tasks to make your life easier.

Just tell the app your location, what you need to get done, and how long the task will take and the app will connect you with trained partners qualified to help you with the task. Once matched, you can chat with your Ate and Kuya to make sure the job gets done without any snags. Use MyKuya’s in-app slider to input the estimated time of the service, and the app will automatically compute the fee.


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Hungry? Let foodpanda save the day (or mealtime). Since launching in the Philippines in 2014, the app has grown into one of the most popular food delivery apps in the country, with more than 400 partner restaurants serving many cities in the Metro. Keep an eye out for special deals and promos with their partner establishments!


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Grab does more than bring you from point A to point B and transport your packages. They now deliver food, too! If you’ve got a craving, just Grab it!

Similar to foodpanda, Grab has also partnered with a lot of restaurants (and milk tea joints). GrabFood does not impose minimum orders so if you’re hankering for big bites to small eats, there’s no limit to your cravings! The app currently services areas of Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Cebu and will be making further expansions soon.

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