8 Fitness Equipment You Can Keep in Condo Spaces

These compact and portable exercise accessories offer all the benefits of a full gym workout — while fitting in any home space!

Is it possible to exercise at home, and still get the same results that you’d expect from a gym workout? Yes, it’s not just possible — it’s achievable. All you need is a few exercise equipment or accessories for your regular use at home, and you’re good to go. Worried about fitting home gym equipment like a bench press or a stationary bike into your living space?

Luckily, you can still get the results you need using compact exercise equipment or portable exercise accessories that can be tucked away at home, or brought to where you need them to go. Below are some suggestions you might want to try.

Adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells. Dumbbells are perhaps among the most portable and convenient exercise equipment items, they’re perfect for strength training and muscle toning. Meanwhile, kettlebells, with their thicker handles, help strengthen your forearm and grip. For both dumbbells and kettlebells, be sure to get the adjustable variety to save space. As you improve your strength, you can increase your weight load without needing to buy bulky equipment for each milestone.

Resistance bands. Arguably the lightest among the exercise equipment and accessories, the resistance band can be used to make almost any exercise more challenging – yes, there is such a thing as a resisted pushup! The possibilities are endless. See exercise ideas here. Resistance bands are great for stretching and flexibility, and for muscle toning too. Bring them with you and work out anywhere, anytime.

Abdominal wheel. A deceptively simple accessory, using the ab wheel correctly can do a number on your midsection, as you let the wheel roll while you remain in a planking position. The ab wheel effectively works out your multiple core muscles, and even your obliques.

Pull-up bar. Usually installed on a door frame, the pull-up bar is great for upper body strength. Seeing it there might even motivate you to do a pull-up every time you pass by it!

Exercise mat. An exercise mat or a thick yoga mat can easily absorb the pressure of your body against the floor, especially for exercises that can be taxing to your tailbone, like the sit-up. The mat’s cushioning effect can help you perform exercises you would otherwise have a hard time doing on the bare floor.

Twister stepper. The twister stepper is the space saver’s answer to the treadmill, facilitating a cardio workout as you jog in place. Doing twists can also help tone your calves, thighs, abs, and buttocks. Alternatively, you can always get a foldable treadmill, a more compact version of the usual one at the gym.

Vertical climber. This vertical equipment saves space thanks to its up-down orientation. Exercising here is great for a full cardio workout, yet it is relatively low-impact compared with a treadmill; it won’t strain your knees or hips as much.

Photo from Strongfit Sports

Folding exercise bike. It’s a more compact take on the gym-standard stationary bike. Get one with a pulse monitor to keep track of your heart rate, and increase the resistance in your bike’s settings as you improve your stamina and endurance.