The Best Spots to Get Fit in BGC

Admit it. With the fast pace we lead our lives, it often gets difficult to find time to work out and get fit. From spending hours stuck in traffic to working for 8 hours or more, it’s tough to squeeze in time to have a good sweat.

This problem is easier to address for people living and working in Bonifacio Global City as there are lots of options to help you burn those calories. From high-end gyms to group activities, you’ll never run out of new things to try and the best thing is that all of these places are all just a short walk away.

If your one-hour break is too long for just a meal or if you want to burn a few hours in BGC to wait for traffic to subside, go for a workout in any of the following places.

1. Anytime Fitness and 360 Fitness Plus

One of the great things about working out in BGC is that you can do it literally whenever you want. Anytime Fitness, as the name suggests, is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, so it works well for people working the night shift. It’s a neighborhood-style fitness club conveniently located at the Bonifacio High Street. The best part is that you can visit any of their other branches without extra cost.

If the usual gym set-up is not challenging enough for you, try 360 Fitness Plus. Located at the Active Fun Building on 9th Avenue, their workouts only last for 30 minutes but it will surely challenge you physically. They also have kettlebell and body weight workouts so you can change up your routine whenever you feel like you’re plateauing.

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2. Titan Love Court

One of the newest attractions in the area is the Titan Love Court. The two basketball courts stand at the corner of 32nd Street and 9th Avenue. For only P2,200 (three-month membership), you can use the court anytime from 6 am to midnight. Once a member, you can book a court exclusively for you and your friends for only P500 per hour. Having no friends to play with is not a problem as you can just book the time period when you want to play on the Titan Love Court App and it will group you together with other ballers.

Membership will also give you the chance to learn the sport more with clinics from some of the best skills coaches in the country and you’ll even get the chance to try out new shoes in events sponsored by your favorite sports brands.

3. Turf BGC

If basketball is not your thing, located a few steps away is Turf BGC, a community football field. Companies often book the place for tournaments but you can walk in and ask if there are groups you can join. It might look super competitive from the outside but there are lots of people who do it for fun. As the country’s first-ever artificial football turf, it is open throughout the year.

You can also rent it for other activities such as flag football, futsal, and ultimate frisbee.

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4. Urban Ashram

Need a good sweat to flush out the work week’s unending stream of stress? Book a class at Urban Ashram. Also located at the 3rd floor of the Active Fun Building, Urbran Asham has classes for serious yogis but also caters to the needs of beginners. Try their Flexibility Not Required and Stress-Free Gently Flow classes to test the waters and see if yoga is a good fit for your personality.

5. Flyweight and Fight Factory Manila

Some people enjoy working on their own. Some prefer doing it with others. BGC has both covered for boxing enthusiasts.

Flyweight, located on the second floor of Eight Forbes Town Road, designed a group boxing experience to help you blow off some steam or punch the bad vibes away. Before you know it, you’ll already be dropping a weight class or two with their high-energy and enjoyable routines. The full-body workout combines traditional boxing exercises such as shadowboxing, footwork, and heavy-bag work with body weight and core exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals.

For one-on-one boxing training, head on to Fight Factory Manila at Karport on 32nd Street. Test your power and cardio with a 4-round mitts session with a professional boxing trainer. When you become good enough, maybe you can even get to spar with him. Fight Factory Manila also offers Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and mixed martial arts training. You get to hit two birds with one stone as you get fit while also learning self-defense.

6. Track 30th

Spending for a gym membership is not the only way to get fit in the BGC area. The easiest way to get fit is by simply lacing up your running sneaks and going for a run. Track 30th provides a safe and fun space for runners of all ages so parents can take their children here to get them started with a healthy lifestyle.

For people who work in BGC, moving there is a great option. It does not just save you time and money by eliminating your drive or commute, it also offers a great neighborhood and establishments that would cater to the needs of everyone. If you plan on investing on a place that you could call home in the near future, Avida Towers Turf BGC is a great option. It is a two-tower high rise residential development located centrally at the active North side of Bonifacio Global City.

When you live at Avida Towers Turf BGC, you enjoy the unparalleled convenience of having world-class schools, offices, parks, leisure activities, and the gyms listed above at your doorstep.