7 Reasons Why Tagaytay is a Haven for Remote Workers

Find out why Tagaytay’s laid-back appeal makes it easier to achieve work-life balance. By Sunshine Selga Funa

The growing number of freelancers and start-up businesses, along with advancements in technology, have made flexible workplace arrangements the new standard in Europe and the U.S. Employers in these places have seen how working remotely benefits both employers and employees.

And with COVID-19 sweeping across the globe, governments around the world are encouraging everyone to work in the safety of their homes when possible. Telecommuting is now seen as the new normal in a post-pandemic world.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to do remote work, consider settling down in a haven for telecommuting–like the city of Tagaytay. Here are seven reasons why Tagaytay’s worth considering for your new home and “office.”

Enjoy the benefits of living close to nature

Ever notice how you feel calmer and rejuvenated the moment you get back from a beach trip? Studies have shown that living close to nature promotes better mental health and overall well-being. Having ready access to parks and other natural landscapes de-stresses people—something we all need when work (and life in general) becomes too demanding.

Given its natural beauty, Tagaytay makes for a great option to settle down in while pursuing work.

More places to shop, dine and hang out

While Tagaytay is considered an out-of-town destination, it does not lack the conveniences found in the metro. Commercial hubs like malls—not to mention several restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines—have found a home in this city.

You can do the same, too, at Serin East Tagaytay by Avida. This modern rustic condo development is conveniently located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. Ayala Malls Serin is just a stone’s throw away, when you need to step out for an errand. Other establishments like hospitals, churches, and schools are also quite close by.

Feel like you’re on vacation 24/7

Living in Tagaytay affords you the luxury of a weekend escape… one that spans the whole week!

Imagine being able to answer e-mails while lounging at your condo’s gazebo, or taking a quick dip in the pool after an hour-long conference call. If you have family and friends coming over, you can bring them to Sky Ranch for an exciting bonding activity.

Republic Wakepark in Nuvali, less than an hour away, is also a great option for a more thrilling adventure.

Greenery promotes productivity

Natural scenery (the kind you find in abundance at Tagaytay) also promotes productivity. When the mind is able to take in relaxing views like verdant spaces—even for just 40 seconds—it becomes more focused.

Serin East Tagaytay features generous open spaces, so you can go out for a leisurely walk when you need a break from those tedious spreadsheets.

Cafes on every corner

Tagaytay is located in Cavite, which is a top coffee producer in the country. It’s no surprise, then, that the city boasts several local coffee shops, like Barako Haus, which proudly serve homegrown brews.

Going out for a caffeine fix while you work on that presentation will instantly become a habit when you call Tagaytay your home; all you have to do is pick a café to call your office for the day.

Healthy living comes naturally

Fresh produce is easy to come by in this city. Get your supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from Mahogany Market or from any of the stalls that line the major thoroughfares.

Pair these healthy eats with exercise: Serin East Tagaytay has health and fitness amenities that encourage an active lifestyle. Go for a couple of laps in the swimming pool, tackle leg day at the indoor gym, or go for a 30-minute run on the jogging path.

Metro Manila is easily accessible

Because Metro Manila is only a few hours away, meeting clients or suppliers is a breeze. You can even set two meetings in a day if you want to be productive. Then, have a get-together with friends over dinner or drinks.

After a long but fruitful day, nothing beats coming back home to your own private oasis to rest and recharge.

Tagaytay offers the best of both worlds: You get to bask in the unhurried pace of the suburbs while enjoying all the conveniences of urban living. Check out Serin East Tagaytay to see how you can take advantage of having a place to call your own in this delightful city.