5 Creative Ways to De-stress and Avoid Burnout

Feeling uninspired, lately? Go back to the things that spark your creativity. Here are five ways you can de-stress and pursue your passion without having to leave the city. By Shai Lagarde

If you're feeling uninspired lately, maybe all you need is a jolt to spark your creativity—like learning a new language to immerse yourself in another culture

Is sleepy and tired your default mode, even with caffeine and a decent night’s sleep? Do you look forward to Friday when Monday hasn’t even ended? If so, you may be barreling toward a burnout and desperately needing an outlet for your stress.

And it doesn’t have to be an elaborate activity or faraway trip. If you’re feeling uninspired, how about going back to the things that spark your creativity? Here are five ways you can pursue your passion without having to leave the city.

1. Take up design or styling

Whether you’re into fashion, furniture, or interiors, there’s a variety of classes you can choose from depending on your pace and schedule. Apart from degree programs, schools like SoFA Design InstituteSlim’sFashion Institute of the Philippines, and Philippine School of Interior Design also offer short courses on design, styling, and marketing for casual learners.

Hone your design skills at Slim’s

You can also enroll as an audit student, which means you won’t be required to pass exams or requirements if you’re interested in just having a creative outlet. Inquire with each school for campus location, courses offered, schedules, and fees.

SoFA Design Institute offers short courses on interior design and fashion

2. Create with your hands

Maybe you like to doodle or paint on things, dabble in makeup or calligraphy, or get artsy with food on Instagram. Why not up your game?

Learn to whip up your own handmade pizza and other cooking and baking skills at Maya Kitchen

The One School teaches multimedia classes like videography and digital photography. The Center for Aesthetic Studies offers topnotch makeup courses. First Academy offers courses in graphic and page design. Maya Kitchen and Global Academy offer short courses ranging from cooking basics to baking to world cuisines. Jollijam Arts Center has fun classes in penciling, painting, and crafts. Prominent artists also hold workshops from time to time, so keep an eye out for announcements.

Watercolor Lettering Workshop and other fun art-themed classes can be had at Jollijam Arts Center

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3. Be a confident performer

Have a penchant for public speaking or the performing arts? If these once-upon-a-time hobbies have taken a backseat to your day job, perhaps it’s time to revisit them.

Learn how to play the violin or other musical instruments at Yupangco Music Academy

There are plenty of music, theater, and personality development classes you can try. Study pop or classical voice and a variety of musical instruments at Yupangco Music Academy (formerly Yamaha). Get formal training in image management, personal styling, modeling, and hosting at John Robert Powers. Drop by any Toastmasters Club meetings nearby to practice your speaking skills. You get to do what you like, widen your circle of friends, and hone your skills as a bonus.

Have dreams of modeling or hosting? Inquire at John Robert Powers regarding their classes

4. Learn some moves

A nice round of cardio is a healthy way to de-stress and feel great, especially if you spend most of the week cooped up in the office. But if the idea of working out on a treadmill or stationary bike doesn’t appeal to you, there are many fun ways to work up a sweat that don’t feel like exercise.

De-stress with boxing or Muay Thai at Elite Boxing

Sign up for classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, street, hip-hop, and Zumba at STEPS Dance Studio. Lace up your gloves at Elite Boxing & Muay Thai. Learn self-defense with krav maga at International Krav Maga Federation. Take up Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, or taekwondo at KMA Fitness & Martial Arts. Your choice!

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5. Study a foreign language

In this increasingly global era, learning a new language is not only fun and challenging; it would also give you an edge. You get to add it to your skill set, travel to your favorite cities more confidently, make friends with native speakers, or even just be able to watch your favorite shows without subtitles.

Learn a new language like French at Alliance Française

Check language institutes like Alliance Française (French), Instituto Cervantes (Spanish), Goethe Institut (German), Societa Dante Alighiera (Italian), Japan Foundation, and Asphodel Korean Language Center for more information.

See anything that captures your fancy yet? It may seem counter-productive having to carve out a couple of hours a month for a creative hobby, but in the long term, you stand to benefit more from having a healthy work-life balance than from dedicating all your waking hours to your job. You know what they say about all work and no play!

Location is always key when it comes to work-life balance—getting stuck in traffic for hours on your way to de-stress kind of negates the point. The great news is that these creative hubs are just a few minutes away from Makati Central Business District.

Also less than 3 kilometers away from all these is Avida Towers Asten along Yakal and Malugay streets. It is a 10,000-sqm development featuring three high-rise residential condos for sale, with Towers 1 and 2 being completed this 2017 and Tower 3 slated for November 2020. Suited to the dynamic lifestyle of young savvy achievers, Asten offers a wide range of retail and dining choices. Other nearby landmarks include the Ayala Center, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Medical Center, and various churches, schools, and emergency services.

With all this access to a wide array of choices, here’s hoping you find a creative pursuit to keep you inspired!