5 Best Places for Healthy Eats in NUVALI

Know more about the best places for a healthy food fix in NUVALI.

Healthy Eats Nuvali

Healthy eating habits continue to sprout in the lifestyles of more people, judging from the growing number of restaurants serving food selections for the health conscious. Even in the eco-friendly community of NUVALI in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, such places are well within your reach if you are counting calories or following a special diet.

The neighborhood has its fair share of dining spots and shops that cater to folks who are mindful of what they eat. We listed down the best places to get your healthy fix when you’re in NUVALI

Where to find healthy food choices in NUVALI

House of Bawai

Solenad 3 NUVALI

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Business Hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily

You can never go wrong with Vietnamese cuisine if you’re craving for a hearty yet healthy meal. Their noodle soup, or pho, is the popular palate-pleaser because of its fragrant herbs and the clean taste of the broth. Spring rolls, steamed or fried, pair well with the salads and various entrées. Finding the restaurant is easy because it stands in the middle of the landscaped paths between the supermarket and the mall.

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The Farm Organics

Ground Floor, Cinema Building

Solenad 3 NUVALI

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Business Hours: 11 am to 9 pm daily

For those cheat days, make a beeline to The Farm Organics, a farm-to-fork restaurant that takes pride in serving grass-fed organic beef coming from their very own free-range cattle in Masbate. The place is known for its juicy steaks and mouth-watering burgers. Eating organic beef means you’re getting clean and high-quality meat without the chemical enhancers.

Jamba Juice

Ground Floor

Solenad 3 NUVALI

Business Hours: 11 am to 11 pm daily

Advocates of juicing will be pleased to find that Jamba Juice has a branch in NUVALI. After a morning workout, energize with a freshly squeezed fruit juice or a power smoothie. Sit down and indulge with any of their Energy Bowls packed with all the goodness you’ll ever need to start your day right.

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Where to Shop

When it comes to healthy eating, not only do you have to be in the know of what is in your food but in full control as well. Stock up on basic pantry fillers, fresh produce and other essentials that you would need to whip up nutritious meals and snacks for your family. Here are a few recommended stores:

Healthy Options

Ground Floor, Building D

Solenad 3 NUVALI

Business Hours:

Weekdays 11 am to 9 pm

Saturdays 10 am to 10 pm

Sundays 10 am to 9 pm

This popular chain of stores that sells anything and everything all-natural has rapidly expanded around the Philippines. Aside from imported items, Healthy Options also features locally made goods in its shelves and freezers. Hoping to find a low-sodium alternative to soy sauce? You’ll, without a doubt, find it there.

Holy Carabao Holistic Farms

Barrio Malitlit

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Operating Hours: 10 am to 5 pm (by reservation)

Call +639173371317 to join the farm tour

Holy Carabao Holistic Farms maintains an online store that delivers fresh veggies, fruits, meats, poultry and other produce right at your doorstep. Still, it’s fun to visit their ranch near NUVALI for a guided tour. Bring the kids along so they can learn about life in an organic farm in the Philippines. Call in to make a reservation and don’t forget to bring your own shopping basket!

It is good to know that all these stores and dining hotspots are near Avida’s well-planned residential communities. One of these properties is Hillcrest Estates NUVALI that boasts lovely views of Mount Makiling and Tagaytay Ridge. Its idyllic and private setting provides inspiration and enough motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to having access to top-notch recreational amenities, residents can take advantage of the landscaped parks and the lush open spaces for their morning run, afternoon walk, or yoga sessions.

To know more about Hillcrest Estates NUVALI please visit Avida’s website.