5 Benefits You Get from Green Spaces in the City

Green spaces in the metropolis are important--find out how you can benefit from a daily dose of green. By Felice Tusi

green spaces

While there are perks that come with urban living, there are some pitfalls you’re bound to face every single day. Living in the concrete jungle can be frustrating especially when you have to deal with factors like work stress, congested roads and pollution. But what is even more regrettable is the lack of green spaces offering a refuge from the hectic pace of the metropolis.

Fortunately, there are residential developments that make up for this by incorporating green spaces within the developments themselves. After all, people gain many benefits from having access to parks, gardens and other green spaces in the city. Here are some ways greenery enriches your life.

Green spaces beat the heat

Concrete buildings, cement roads and other man-made structures trap the heat in big cities. Urban development has paved the way for the “heat island” phenomenon, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cities become warmer compared to their surroundings that are less developed, thus forming a heat island.

The presence of trees and parks can reverse the effect of heat islands. They provide shade and cooler temperatures, according to the EPA. Not only that; green spaces absorb storm water and prevent erosion—something worth knowing for the benefit of flood-prone streets of Metro Manila.


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green spaces

We get better air quality from green spaces

Trees not only reduce heat, but they also help purify the air. Through urban green spaces, we can breathe easier because trees trap dust, smoke and ash on their leaves. Trees can filter out gasses that are detrimental to humans and the earth’s ecosystems as well.

Conservationists are quick to remind everyone that trees and forests must be protected at all costs. Because if they are cut or razed to the ground, the effects are life-threatening. Decomposing trees release methane–which is more potent than carbon dioxide–into the atmosphere. This is why preserving trees and woodlands cannot be emphasized enough.

Moods are lifted by nature

Ever found yourself wanting to take a walk outside for a breather in the middle of a work day? Mental health experts believe that being in nature is one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress. People living in urban areas are more likely to experience stress. Based on a study in Helsinki, Finland, even short visits to city parks can provide stress relief. Green spaces have a restorative effect on the tired mind, helping it to re-focus and recover from stress.

Urban green spaces heal

Nature can aid in the healing process, as well, as proven by several studies. University of Washington has collected a wealth of information on health care settings that include nature as part of therapy. One study showed that hospital patients experienced less pain and anxiety by having plants in their room. Having access to urban green spaces for aerobic exercise translates to lower blood pressure and reduced body fat; great news for those suffering from hypertension, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

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green spaces

Green spaces build a sense of community

A well-maintained city park encourages social interaction between residents. While you’re out jogging or taking a walk, you might bump into your neighbors and exchange greetings. Green spaces can also provide a venue for fun activities and special events. You will also notice an improvement in the quality of life as residents feel a strong sense of community.

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