A Young Family’s Dream Home in Dasmariñas

Ken and Katie Tiu share their journey to finding and creating the perfect space for their family.

From renters to happy Avida homeowners: Ken and Katie Tiu with their son Levi (Photo courtesy of Avida Living magazine)

Very few homeowners are lucky enough to say they were able to do a test drive, so to speak, of their dream home even before actually purchasing it. The family of Ken and Katie Tiu is one of them.

After having lived in the United States for several years, the Tius came home to start their own family and decided to rent a house in Avida Residences Santa Catalina. Their experience was so rewarding that when the time came to buy a home of their own, they made Avida Residences Dasmariñas their choice.

Answered prayer

Yung pag-purchase nitong house [in 2015], we considered an answered prayer,” says Ken. The offer was simply too good to resist: payment terms were flexible, requiring the Tius to make only a 10 percent down payment before moving in. The next 10 percent would be staggered, so in less than a year, the home was already turned over to them.

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Hindi tinipid yung main road, also yung security and the development of the project,” Ken says of Avida Residences Dasmariñas, which sits along the Molino-Paliparan Road in Cavite. It is also close to major establishments like schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and churches. Indeed, it is an ideal place for young families like the Tius to start creating special memories.

Perfectly happy

In designing their home, the couple agreed to combine their style preferences, resulting in a space that reflects both their personalities, and preserves pieces that hold sentimental value.

Bright kiddie shades and whimsical design details abound in Levi’s bedroom; when it comes to buying a home, the Tiu family recommend that one considers the neighborhood where it’s located (Photo courtesy of Avida Living magazine)

In the living room, an old made-to-order couch has been updated with new upholstery, while a corner contains décor from their home abroad. An intricately carved dining table with matching leather upholstered seats is the piece de resistance in the dining room. Bright kiddie colors and whimsical design details abound in the bedroom of their son, Levi.

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Having made the right choice of purchasing an Avida home and being perfectly happy with their decision, Ken and Katie have this to share with other aspiring homeowners: “Move into a nice neighborhood kasi kahit anumang ganda ng house mo, if it’s not situated in a nice place, feeling ko hindi rin siya okay.[Remember to] splurge on the things that are important, like the contractor, and save on things, like our reupholstered sofa.”

When asked if they would encourage other young families to move into an Avida home, Ken says, “We’ll recommend it to families and friends kasi okay siya eh.”

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Based on an original feature in Avida Living magazine