What a Top Real Estate Specialist Wants You to Know

Buying property can be an overwhelming process. A top agent from Avida gives tips to make the experience much more manageable. By Tisha Alvarez

Cecille Javier, one of Avida Land's top-performing property specialists, shares home-buying tips gleaned from all her years helping potential investors

“Buying a property in Avida for the first time is exciting, a great accomplishment, a massive milestone, and a memory that will last forever,” says Cecille Javier, one of Avida Land’s top-performing real estate specialists. She has expertly guided many buyers through the overwhelming process of purchasing a home.

She started out in Avida when she was just 22 years old, and over the years, has racked up several accolades, from Top Team Leader to the Diamond Excellence Award. The secret to her success? She puts the needs of the customer first. “Everyone has a different definition of success,” she says. “For me, I just treat a potential investor the way I’d like to be approached. I want them to look at me as a trusted advisor. For me, you will get whatever you want if you help other people get what they want.”

Cecille shares a few of her insights, gleaned from years of helping other people buy their first home.

  • Take a good look at your finances and make adjustments if needed. “One of the biggest things you have to consider in this decision is your lifestyle. Plan your budget and get rid of excess debt,” says Cecille. “Buy a property that you can afford now and later. Think about all the work that would go into maintaining that property. Don’t dream of the house you want to live in. Think about what type of house will fit your life.”
  • Find the right spot. Cecille says you should be on the lookout for potential locations. “As you go about your day, think about the different locations that you see. Make a note of the ones you can see yourself calling home and which locations are a turn-off.” She advises doing research on the location of the property you’re interested in by going on a drive to the location and spending some time there so you can get a feel of the place.
  • Have your down payment ready. Don’t assume that you can simply borrow money from a bank to cover your purchase. “Some buyers don’t intend to pay 20% spot down payment. If you come to a bank without 20% of the cost of the home you want to buy, the bank is going to see you as a risk, as someone not serious about buying a home, as someone who might dump a house on them after not making many payments,” says Cecille. “[Buyers] have to shop around for their mortgage and get pre-approved.”
  • Consider pre-selling vs. RFO units. “Many of my clients go for the pre-selling option because of its lower introductory price, making the units cheaper than RFO units. Pre-selling condos are a promising investment since the market value will increase by the time the property is finished,” Cecille says. Meanwhile, ready-for-occupancy units enable buyers to make a truly well-informed decision. “RFO condos are reasonable when a prospective buyer wants to see the unit first before committing his or her hard-earned money to purchase a property.”
  • Read the fine print. Sometimes, property prices seem too good to be true. Cecille stresses, “Make sure that what you are paying for is the actual amount and that there are no hidden charges that you might encounter after the purchase of the property. And be ready to pay the monthly dues.”
  • Find the right agent. Buying a home is a big life experience, and it’s important to find someone you’re comfortable with to guide you through the process. “Be picky when choosing an agent. You need to interview them and ask them the right questions. Always interview several agents before settling on one. Ask how many buyers they are currently representing and [about] their work style,” says Cecille. “You’re going to want someone you trust to be able to give you the confidence you need. A personal referral is the best way to start.”
  • Do your due diligence. “When buying a property, verify if the title of the property is clean, that it has no pending case of ownership and has no unresolved issues that might have complications in the future,” she says. “Verify if the developer is licensed to sell and if the project is registered under the Housing and Land Regulatory Board.”
  • Leasing out your property? Make sure tenants are the right fit. Cecille advises, “Determine how much rent to charge. Find a good tenant—you can find tenants in our Leasing Services with Avida. And inspect the property regularly.” By keeping your property well-maintained, you’ll be assured that your investment will keep generating income for you for years to come.

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