Take Inspiration from This Ocean-Themed Bachelorette Pad at Avida Towers Astrea

A cool mix of blue and green shades makes this diving enthusiast's home a visual delight.

This Ocean-Themed Bachelorette Pad at Avida Towers Astrea
Condo owner Catherine Kabiling brings her passion for the ocean with cool blue shades in her Avida Towers Astrea condo

They say the perfect home is one which suits the owner’s personality and lifestyle. If you ask Catherine Kabiling, a surgeon by profession, that is exactly what makes her space at Avida Towers Astrea an ideal place to live.

Catherine’s passion outside her work is diving, as seen in her ocean-inspired unit awash with colors like cool blue and eye-catching teal. Her books on diving are on display, and blown-up images of underwater life adorn the walls.

“All the photos were taken during my dives,” describes Catherine, who juggles her time between her medical practice and her family’s hardware business. A thresher shark picture holder from Malapascua in Cebu and a Poseidon statue from Greece add to the unit’s sea-themed accents.

The white and teak kitchen (top) and her underwater photography add to the unit’s sea-themed vibe

The minimalist style is also a perfect fit for Catherine. She explains, “I don’t like clutter, [save for] dive stuff. No control over those! [But] that’s why all the furniture [pieces] are custom-made to have storage and make [the space] look spacious.”

Don’t get her wrong, though. The size of the space is actually just the right fit for Catherine. “At first, I was looking for a house and lot, but decided a condo would be best because I will be living alone. [It has] better security and [it’s] easy to clean,” shares Catherine.

What impressed her about this particular development is that “Ayala-owned projects always have good service and they maintain the highest standard. The staff are always courteous, and security is tight.”

With her minimalist style, Catherine had all her furniture pieces custom-made to have enough storage and make the unit appear more spacious

From the choice of space to the style of the interiors, Catherine is simply over the moon about her brand new home that celebrates not just her passion but her adventurous spirit, too.

“I helped design it. I love everything in it!” exclaims Catherine.

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Based on an original feature in Avida Living magazine