Rockwell Olegario: Home for the Weekend

A father ties roots in the south and settles there with his family on weekends to escape from the city stress. Text by Beverly Dalton

Rockwell Olegario is a master brewer as he learns the business and trade of managing a coffee shop that he also owns.

Rockwell Olegario, his wife, and two daughters are all smiles as they welcome us to their humble adobe. Clean, neat, straightforward, and simple — that is their family weekend home in Serin West Tagaytay. In between being a husband and a father, Rockwell also manages a coffee shop which he opened at the retail strip of the property. He is the image of a multi-tasking man: focused and capable of anything. He has put his heart and mind into buying a place for his family, a rest house as they would all like to call it, where they can escape from the bustle of the city and just be.

When did you realize it was time to buy a family home?

When my eldest daughter was entering high school, I thought it was about time to have a place we can call our own. We wanted a place we can be proud of.

What did you do to live ready for this realization?

It was really hard work. I wanted to be financially ready and capable. It took us almost 3 years. We found ways to not just depend on our paycheck by means of a second source of income like putting up our own small scale internet computer shop. Of course, we also had to do some sacrifices. We changed our lifestyle and avoided some costs. For example, we used to eat out and explore fine dining restaurants every week but when we decided we wanted to buy a place already, we started eating out less, only dining out once or twice a month.

What about Serin West Tagaytay did you like that helped you make the choice?

The location is so strategic and accessible. Avida also has standards that meet our interests as a family. What I like about Avida also is the simplicity of its design and overall exterior. It is not the typical box-type condominium building people would normally see. Avida is able to blend nature with its location.

What do you and your family like the most about living further down south?

It’s relaxing! We love the ambiance and the views. Down such, the touch of nature is still very present.

What motif did you go for in decorating your place?

We wanted something that surpasses trends, and aesthetic that will never go out of style. We chose to decorate with plants and with a little reference to Asian culture. Plants bring out the natural beauty of our living space and it helps reduce stress. Plants also help clean indoor air.

What is your favorite part of your home?

I love the sofa beside the window. Staring out of the window and looking into nature relaxes me. My family loves the bed! They lie down there for long period of hours, bonding, watching movies, and talking. We consider this place our weekend home. It’s a place where my family and I can relax after a tiring week. My wife and I also look at this place as our retirement home.

Are they any green practices that you and your family do at home?

My family and I try to practice segregation of garbage waste. It’s basic green practice I know that will have an impact on waste disposal that will help the environment.

How do you entertain family or friends at your place?

We encourage them to drop by our place in Tagaytay. We suggest some activities they can do during their visit or stay. We show them the pool, the garden, and the viewing deck. There are so many things to do here!

What stood out about Avida from the other properties you’ve seen?

The concept of their residential houses and condominiums is what really stood out for me. It has class, the quality and standards are high, and the architectural finishes are well made.

For Rockwell and his family, the weekends are made for sitting back and relaxing. It is a time to spend together as a family. Serin West Tagaytay creates that space for their quality time.