Harvie De Baron on the Healing Power of Food

Harvie De Baron's personal journey to healthy living becomes a mission to inspire others. By Bubbles Santos

Harvie de baron

Harvie De Baron knows the answer to this question: If one day you were diagnosed with a severe disease, what would you do?

Instead of succumbing to depression and hopelessness, Harvie took another route. In 2000, a doctor told him he had ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that caused severe and large lacerations in his colon. The cause was unknown: whatever weakened his immune system caused the disease.

“I was very sick, and the worst thing was [excreting blood] 30 times a day, at least in my case. You’re basically stuck in one place, and you can’t do anything. [Also], the medications like steroids are so strong you end up worrying about other parts of your body that can get hit,” Harvie relates.

Medication would beat the symptoms, but after a few months, the symptoms would recur. The fear of ending up with a colonoscopy bag was so intense that for the next few years, Harvie worked hard to find a way to beat the disease.

“In 2015, I was diagnosed as ‘cured.’ I can still relapse, but whatever I did, the doctor said, ‘Keep doing it because you beat the disease’,” shares Harvie.

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Harvie de Baron
Using ingredients that are good for you is the secret to a healthy diet

Journey to healing

During that 15-year journey, Harvie managed to obtain an Oxford University education in Sports Nutrition, and inspired other people with the powerful cure he discovered the Baron Method. The Baron Method started as a home-based business in 2007, and now has its own Baron Method Center in a commercial space.

Harvie, now a nutrition coach and food educator, describes Baron Method as “all about transforming your health through the healing power of food. It is basically a very hands-on, personalized nutritional program based on the health goals that you’re trying to achieve in life.”

What Harvie, through the Baron Method, teaches clients is how to read food product labels, choose the right ingredients, and prepare food through various kitchen techniques. These, on top of crafting a customized plan that is ideal for the body’s long-term needs.

Harvie’s passion for inspiring and empowering his clients is incredible. Those who have benefited greatly from the Baron Method are grateful and generous in sharing their experiences. To this day, Harvie continues to be in awe of the miracles brought about by the Baron Method. “We’ve seen amazing stories from people who just want to be healthy…but I think the stories that are most amazing are about people beating chronic illnesses like cancer, when they’re basically told they are living on borrowed time. We are not only able to extend it, but allow them to have a second chance to enjoy time with people they love,” says Harvie.

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The Baron Method’s green juice

All in the family

In his own home, Harvie makes sure to incorporate every single aspect of Baron Method in his family’s lifestyle. “Our home is probably the healthiest in the world. We have a red juice and a green juice in the morning for my two-year-old daughter, my five-year-old son, and my 18-year-old daughter. They know not to eat fast food,” he shares.

This is not to say that meals in the De Baron household are bland and plain. Harvie explains, “We also believe in the ability of a household to be able to prep meals that are not only healthy, but we try to make it as yummy as possible. We have burger nights, nachos nights. We just source [carefully] and make sure the ingredients are really, really good for us.”

It may seem impossible to live like the De Barons, but Harvie asserts that the sacrifices—and even the cost—are well worth it. Yes, healthy food may sometimes be expensive, but being sick is much more costly. “Feeling like a million or a billion bucks is priceless,” Harvie exclaims.

And if you ask Harvie, now is the perfect time to be inspired to start living, eating, and being healthy. He enumerates five basic food items one should rethink using, and swap for healthier alternatives: sugar, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and fish sauce.

Why? Because as Harvie De Baron, with utmost passion, says to his clients, “Life is too short not to be healthy and happy.”

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