See How Design Can Turn Your 52-Square-Meter Suburban House into a Home that can Grow with Your Family

Maximizing available space in your home is now made easy through these useful and easy-to-follow tips. By Stephannie Reyes

The Celine house at Avida Settings Alviera

The battle is over: function should complement form, not supersede it.

When looking for the perfect home, functionality should be considered just as much as aesthetics. Considering today’s skyrocketing real estate values, making wise use of space is becoming more and more important for homeowners, especially for young couples who are planning to start a family.

This new awareness has found expression in living spaces that are flexible enough to easily transform to serve the homeowners’ changing needs — being able to quickly evolve with their hobbies, interests, and lifestyle at varying life stages.

Consider a family starter home with 52 square meters of space: you can implement a surprising number of lifehacks to double its functionality, without doubling the cost. Use these tips to design your next home design project.

Create zones with different colors. Instead of building walls to define or enclose an area, you can create the same effect with different shades of paint. Use color theory judiciously, but don’t be afraid to experiment — whether by using contrasting colors or different hues from the same family, colors allow you to distinguish between individual zones in your home.

Invest in flexible, versatile and durable double-duty furniture. Having multipurpose furniture instantly increases a room’s potential to serve a variety of purposes. Whether you’re planning to transform the space into a home office, your children’s study area or a spare room for occasional visitors, your choice of furniture plays a role of significant importance in defining an area.

For your living room, you can use a sofa bed instead of a traditional couch; this will come in handy if you have unexpected visitors. Having cabinets with foldable desktops will also be great for studying, working, or even entertaining guests.

Practice strategic furniture placement. A home’s furniture arrangement is a powerful tool that provides your growing family with the flexibility to use a room for a variety of purposes.

For example, you can place bookcases between two zones to serve as a physical divider, while also adding storage space where you can place tools or items that may be needed in each area of your home. In your bedroom, your headboard may also double as a bookshelf for your reading nook or study area.

Use moving dividers. Instead of having solid built-in partitions, using mobile dividers such as floating half walls and wooden blinds provide much-needed privacy for each area of your home, without the need to commit to a permanent floor plan.

These dividers can easily break up a large space into smaller rooms, while allowing you the freedom to move them around, depending on your requirements.

With a bit of creativity and a flair for design, and a great space to start, your home can be developed into multifunctional spaces that transform as you and your family grow over the years.

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