How to Turn Your 22-Square-Meter One-Bedroom Condo into the Best Space Ever

Get motivated to design the home of your dreams with our inspiring looks and practical home decor tips! By Charisse Castaño

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Life is hard enough in the city; retreating to your condominium unit should not make you feel as if you were running out of air. Use these tips to turn your small condo into the escape from stress that you deserve.

Maximize natural light sources and install proper artificial lights

Using light from different sources is the easiest way to make compact spaces look bigger. And high brightness can amplify the feeling of space in a small room.

Mirrors can be positioned around sources of natural light to create the illusion of extra space. To ensure an optimum amount of natural light, keep windows free from obstructions, and use curtains that are thin and light-colored.

If you’re using artificial lights, you can use lamps to bounce off light towards the ceiling to project an illusion of added height. Check this out for more tips.

Keep your décor simple and functional

Invest in simple yet durable furniture that does not take up much space, yet maximizes functionality anyway. A bed, for instance, can also provide space for storage underneath.

On the flip side, avoid furniture with too many unnecessary frills and extensions, or with no visible use. As a rule of thumb, every item that you keep inside your condominium should serve a purpose. For a list of handy appliances for your new home, you can check out this list.

Also, choosing larger single-piece furniture over a two- or three-piece set can work miracles in freeing up space.

Make good use of your unit’s vertical height

Create an impression of additional upward space, by using slim shelves and curtains that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Vertical lamps can also give the illusion of generous headway while taking up little floor space.

This, “slimmer, taller” principle works for your bathroom, too: use a slim vertical shelf to keep your toiletries in order.

Give your space a consistent look and feel

Designers know that using a consistent design can give even a compact condominium unit a surprising size boost. Stick to a single color, while playing with its different shades for your walls, blankets, and curtains.

Avoid being too eclectic with the room design. Remember that each separate design element, from décor to curtains to furniture, should look and feel like a part of a bigger, rational whole.

Go for multipurpose spaces

Get around space constraints by utilizing spaces for multiple purposes. For instance, your dining area can be transformed into a workspace by using a slim yet sturdy table and keeping a lamp handy nearby. Beds that can be stowed away or used for other purposes will work for weekend watching binges or sleepovers with friends, allowing you to use your living room as an extension of your bedroom.

Do remember that having multi-purpose spaces should not mean cramming more items than you need into a single space! Follow these tips on how to make your home clutter-free.

These ideas can turn even compact areas into generous spaces for relaxing and socializing. Avida Land’s condominium units come with a bigger space, better layout, and more value for your hard-earned money.

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