Saturday, January 23, 2021



Design It Yourself: Hanging Planter

We all know that keeping plants in your home has a multitude of benefits. But really, don't they just make you feel good, and don't...

Design It Yourself: Movie Theater

We're always thinking of ways to level up your condo living. Here's one for entertainment and entertaining. Time to save up for that portable...

Design It Yourself: Laundry Organizer

Sorting your coloreds from your whites wastes valuable time. Build a laundry organizer and save yourself time and effort! It’s cheap, easy to do,...

Design It Yourself: Homemade Pest Control

The rainy season brings in more unwanted critters into your home. But did you know that you can combine readily available household products to...

Home Hacks: Update Your Kitchen Counter

This video introduces a couple of easy DIY hacks that you can use to upgrade your kitchen — demonstrating that you don’t need to...

Design It Yourself: Date Night

It doesn’t take much to transform an Avida home into a sweet date spot! This simple DIY date-night look needs nothing more than fairy...

Design It Yourself: Light Fixtures

Creating functional conversation pieces around your home shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Upcycle some plastic straws with some wire and spray paint...

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