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Home Decor Hack: How to Maximize Your Kitchen When It Only Has One Countertop

You’ve finally learned how to cook and you’re ready to whip up some delicious meals for friends and family. But what if you only...
Defining Spacesvideo

Home Decor Hack: Creating Defined Spaces in a Condo Unit

Decorating a compact studio unit might feel like a tall order—but you have more options than you think, despite the limited space you have...

Home Decor Hack: Give Your Home a Makeover Using the KonMari Method

We often think that to give our home a makeover, we need to knock down walls and buy new furniture. But sometimes, all we...

How-to Video: DIY Hacks for Minor Home Repairs

Nothing is more gratifying than knowing how to do small home repairs by yourself. Being your own handyman not only boosts your self-esteem; it...

How-to Video: Upcycling Old Home Pieces

There's another way to deal with old and broken furniture and home accessories without tossing them in the trash: good old upcycling DIY. Upcycling old...

How-to Video: Easy DIY Wall Decorations

Dressing up your walls doesn't have to be expensive or complicated, especially if you are into DIY projects. Because walls are so versatile, you...

How-to Video: Entertaining in Your Condo

Having your parents for dinner in your own condo or hosting a movie night with friends for the first time? Pursuit of Passion gives you some...

How-to Video: Home Decorating Hacks

Want to give your new condo some design oomph? With items you already have on hand and a little creativity, you don’t have to...
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How-to Video: Organizing Baby Essentials in Compact Spaces

As challenging as it can be to live in compact spaces, adding a baby into it can make it ten times more challenging. As...

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