Sunday, October 20, 2019
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Home Hacks: Maximizing Small Spaces

Pull all that extra space with these condo living hacks! Put these simple tricks to work, and you can double your counter space, organize...

Design It Yourself: Homemade Pest Control

The rainy season brings in more unwanted critters into your home. But did you know that you can combine readily available household products to...

Home Hacks: Update Your Kitchen Counter

This video introduces a couple of easy DIY hacks that you can use to upgrade your kitchen — demonstrating that you don’t need to...

Design It Yourself: Date Night

It doesn’t take much to transform an Avida home into a sweet date spot! This simple DIY date-night look needs nothing more than fairy...

Home Hacks: Your Own Herb Supply

Herbs like parsley, rosemary, basil, and oregano are perfect for beginner-friendly urban gardening. These herbs grow in pots and thrive in the tropical sunlight....

Design It Yourself: Light Fixtures

Creating functional conversation pieces around your home shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Upcycle some plastic straws with some wire and spray paint...

Bianca Brandner: Passion in Bloom

Doing something you’re passionate about doesn’t mean you’ll have it easy, but as the entrepreneur and mom of two shares, “with grit, hard work,...

Craft Your Condo: Maximize Light In Your Condo

Letting lots of natural light into your apartment doesn’t just make it look nicer and roomier, it can also make you feel a lot better. We...

Javi Cang: Rising Above Limitations

Mountaineer Javi Cang has loved hiking for as long as he can remember. He lives for the challenge, uncertainty, and the resulting joy of...

Craft Your Condo: 5 Ways to Add a Beach-Like Vibe

Living in the city has its perks and conveniences. But if you’ve been craving a quick trip to the beach yet don’t have the...

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