Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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How to Adapt to the New Normal at Home

Let’s face it – the New Normal has thrown a wrench into how we usually live, work and play. We now work from home,...

Home Hacks: Organizing Your Kid’s Bedroom

How do you help keep your kid's space tidy, inspiring, and conducive for studying and creativity? Interior designer Jonah Tamayo suggests starting with fun, easy-to-do,...

Design It Yourself: Hanging Planter

We all know that keeping plants in your home has a multitude of benefits. But really, don't they just make you feel good, and don't...

Home Hacks: Organize Your Cleaning Closet

Isn't it a bit ironic that it seems to be every home's dirty little secret? Yes, we're talking about that space underneath the kitchen...

Design It Yourself: Movie Theater

We're always thinking of ways to level up your condo living. Here's one for entertainment and entertaining. Time to save up for that portable...

Home Hacks: Childproofing Your Home

Interior designer Jonah Tamayo takes us through turning your condo into a safe, accident-free home for your little ones with small but crucial hacks. Learn...

Home Hacks: Where to Buy Home Decor at Great Prices

Home decor can make or break your living space — luckily they can be surprisingly cheap if you know where to look! From plants...

Design It Yourself: Laundry Organizer

Sorting your coloreds from your whites wastes valuable time. Build a laundry organizer and save yourself time and effort! It’s cheap, easy to do,...

Home Hacks: Maximizing Small Spaces

Pull all that extra space with these condo living hacks! Put these simple tricks to work, and you can double your counter space, organize...

Design It Yourself: Homemade Pest Control

The rainy season brings in more unwanted critters into your home. But did you know that you can combine readily available household products to...

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