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Iloilo: the Philippines' festival capital

Head to Iloilo, the Philippines’ Festival Capital

Iloilo province, although already a bustling metropolis, still knows how to look back and remember its history through festivals. In practically all months of...
Rediscover The Philippines, One Plate At A Time: The Plates of Luzon

Rediscover The Philippines, One Plate At A Time: The Plates of Luzon

The Philippines waits to be discovered and rediscovered again: an archipelago of 7,107 islands with an abundance of natural resources, from the sea, the...
Choosing a neighborhood

What To Look Out For When Choosing a Neighborhood?

When choosing a new home, the first thing to figure out is where to go. While you might favor popular neighborhoods, you probably need...
Lyrio Woldring in her condo in Alabang

This Modern, Pinterest-inspired Condo Unit in Alabang is Minimalist Yet Functional

Once a southerner, always a southerner. Lyrio Woldring grew up south of Metro Manila, but her family eventually had to move east to be closer...
Time to Explore Pavia, Iloilo

Time to Explore Pavia, Iloilo

There is much more to Iloilo than a steaming bowl of delicious batchoy. Take, for instance, the province’s smallest municipality, Pavia. For one, it holds...
Where to Take Your Kids This Weekend

Where to Take Your Kids This Weekend

Open places where children can do unstructured play have never been more precious than now when gadgets keep kids indoors most of the time....

5 Reasons to Move to Mandaluyong

The place known as the Tiger City of the Philippines is aptly tagged such because of its remarkable business and economic progress in recent...
Cebu City

What to Consider When Relocating to (or Investing in) the VisMin Region

If you’ve lived in Metro Manila all your life, moving to Visayas or Mindanao can be a daunting prospect. But with huge developments and...
Avida Settings Batangas

Move-In Ready Homes in Batangas

Leading national developer Avida Land appears to have captured the right formula for the real estate market of Batangas where it has lined up...
Avida Northdale Settings

Pampanga: The Next Big Thing in Suburban Living

In recent months, Pampanga has become increasingly attractive to families who prefer suburban living and all the benefits that go with it. True, Metro...

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