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Profiles on individuals who pursue their passions

Inna Valera

High Brow: How Inna Valera Became an Entrepreneur at 21

Inna Valera, a business owner at 24, proves that it’s never too early to turn one’s passion into a career. A professional makeup artist...
Chef Justin Baradas

Justin Baradas: A Young Chef’s Recipe for Finding Your Passion

Twenty-six-year-old Justin Baradas is a known master in the kitchen today, but as a child, he always thought he would become a lawyer or...
Elaine Abonal

Elaine Abonal, on the Wave of Surfing Success

“What I love best about my job is that I get to be part of people’s first experience surfing in the ocean,” says Elaine...
This Ocean-Themed Bachelorette Pad at Avida Towers Astrea

Take Inspiration from This Ocean-Themed Bachelorette Pad at Avida Towers Astrea

They say the perfect home is one which suits the owner's personality and lifestyle. If you ask Catherine Kabiling, a surgeon by profession, that...
Iya Joson of Dream Coffee

How This 27-year old Found Her Dream Profession Making Coffee

When Iya Joson’s father, Jojo Joson, came home after visiting a T’boli indigenous community in South Cotabato, he wouldn’t have thought he would bring...
Marvz Conti

Marvz Conti: Creating Nature-inspired Spaces One Plant at a Time

Marvz Conti’s creations are equal parts ethereal and quirky science experiment—a pinch of moss specimen seemingly suspended inside a glass pendant, a tiny ecosystem...
Cattski Espina Combines Art and Entrepreneurship

Musician and Muse: Cattski Espina Combines Art and Entrepreneurship

Too many people think going into business leaves no space for artistry. They have no idea how much creativity comes into play when you’re...
Kat Erro: Finding Passion in Leather

Kat Erro: Finding Passion in Leather

Acute business sense isn’t enough—successful entrepreneurs brim with passion for their work. Just ask Kat Erro, founder and designer of handcrafted leather items company Katre. Katre’s...
Russell Villafuerte

Russell Villafuerte: Design Rockstar

In 2009, Russell Villafuerte joined the second season of Project Runway Philippines despite having no formal training in fashion—and ended up as first runner-up. He joined another fashion...

StyleGenie CEO Abbie Victorino: Your Wardrobe Wish is Her Command

Say it’s the start of the month and you’re checking your planner. On top of your regular routine of work, exercise, and me-time, you...

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