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5 Things Millennials Are Getting Right About Real Estate Investments

Getting into real estate investment is a lifelong dream for most Filipinos. Owning a condo or a house has appealed both to overseas Filipino...

Factors that Affect the Value Appreciation of Property

Buying property may be a daunting task for most Filipinos, but with the right guidance it can turn out to be a sound investment....

How To Earn Back Your Investment On A House And Lot

 A house and lot, being your primary place of residence, can easily be regarded as a real estate investment. It's a physical asset whose...

Getting the Best Real Estate Deal in the Philippines’ Booming Market

Buying a condo or a house and lot can be a daunting process. And with the booming real estate market in the Philippines, you'll...

How to Spot a Profitable Condo Investment in the Philippines

Here are the qualities of a smart condo investment.

Condominiums: Should You Rent or Buy?

Help yourself decide which move is best for you.

Investment Ideas for OFWs

Settling back to the Philippines is every OFW's dream, but it is important to secure their future first.

Appreciating Appreciation

A quick guide on why you should get a condo for the long run

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