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Space-saving Tips When Furnishing Your Condo

It’s a space-saving dilemma faced by almost every studio-type condominium owner: how do we get all our stuff into a small space? Whether it’s...

Lilianna Manahan: Playfully Animating Objects

If walls could talk, as the saying goes, then we’d probably learn a lot more about ourselves and the people around us. And yet,...

5 Furniture Pieces You Should Buy First for Your Condo

You have moved into your new condo. Now, be eager to start shopping for furniture pieces. But before you get too excited and go...

Transform Your Room With These DIY Makeover Ideas

Are you tired of looking at the same room every day? It might be time for a makeover! No, we're not talking about an...

5 Travel Destinations That are Ultimate #DesignGoals

Do you love to travel? Aside from buying souvenirs, you might want to bring home doses of inspiration as well. Look around you, take...

7 Ways to Combine the Pretty and the Practical in Your...

We all want a stylish home, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure that we purchase the right furniture and...

Wall Decorations 101

There’s more to decorating and adding life to a wall than just painting it or deciding what artwork or photos to put up.

Art Havens in the City

Find what you need to feed your creative impulses!

Intro to Buying Art

The notion of decorating your home with original pieces has never been more accessible to anyone with a passion for art.

Unleashing Your Inner Artist

For those looking to indulge their creativity, there are a variety of options available throughout Metro Manila.

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