Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Wall Decorations 101

There’s more to decorating and adding life to a wall than just painting it or deciding what artwork or photos to put up.

Art Havens in the City

Find what you need to feed your creative impulses!

Take a Stroll with BGC’s Massive Murals

Art is everywhere in BGC.

Intro to Buying Art

The notion of decorating your home with original pieces has never been more accessible to anyone with a passion for art.

Unleashing Your Inner Artist

For those looking to indulge their creativity, there are a variety of options available throughout Metro Manila.

Color Your World

Personalize your living space with colors that speak of who you are.

Canvas and Walls

With your walls as your canvas, you can create a work of art.

Art Is Where They Make It

Add some character in your living space by coloring your walls with mural and street art.

Space Makers

A home is more than the walls that limit its space.

A Place for You

A space you could call your own

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