One for Two: How to Make Your Studio Unit Fit for Two

Imagine this. You’re used to living alone. You have your own studio unit that is close to your office and places of leisure. You’ve decorated it to your heart’s content. But somewhere along the way, you have to live with someone temporarily.

Maybe a sibling who just moved into the city. Or a friend from abroad who’s staying for good but don’t have a place to live in yet. Or you and your partner decide to get married and your studio becomes your starter home until you find a one- or two-bedroom unit. This will definitely change the way you live in your unit, as well as the way you furnish and decorate it. “There will be a lot of compromising—design choices will not be spared as they will affect the design and function of the entire studio unit,” says interior designer Erika Uichanco.

While you’re looking for a bigger place to live in, or while your transient housemates are still with you, the best thing to do is to make the most of the space that you have. Can’t figure out a way around this problem? Pursuit of Passion show you how you can transform your studio unit into a living space fit for two:

1. Talk about everything—including what you both want for your unit.

It’s all about keeping communication lines open. “Make sure to discuss and open up to each other about both of your tastes and styles. Map out a budget so this won’t be a cause for fights in the future. You can opt for simpler items [at first]. You can always upgrade your pieces in the future,” says Uichanco.

2. When planning out a design for your shared space, take your time.

“Don’t rush into getting everything done if you haven’t decided on your design, budget, and [things you are willing to] compromise. A tip would be to start off with major pieces such as a sofa or dining set so it can immediately set the mood of the studio,” recommends Uichanco. “There is always a way to blend styles. Try to find a balance by choosing pieces that bring out each other’s best individually, and then blend it together.”

3. Shop for your home together.

And bond in the process as well. “Look for pieces that have neutral shape, finish or color, that can be appreciated by both genders. For example, look for a sofa in a feminine shape but [comes] in a masculine color, or some décor or furniture piece in dark leather, and then balance it out with some smaller décor, which has texture and softness like throw pillows,” suggests Uichanco.

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4. Make sure you have enough storage space for both of your belongings.

You might want to renovate your studio unit to add built-in storage in corners that could potentially be idle. “It would be a good idea to really point out where you want to add storage if living small, but if not, [freestanding] pieces would be good for storage,” says Uichanco. “You can choose multi-functional pieces like those with hidden storage, or add some boxes and crates as decor, which can also double as storage. You can [also] store items under the bed. There are a lot of beds and sofas with storage available in the market already.”

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5. Don’t forget to prioritize quality and focus on things that you both like.

You won’t like each other’s choices all the time, but the best way to balance it out is to stick to a shared color scheme. This will help in [creating a unified look] in the space. Try to incorporate items that are meaningful for both [of you], like some photos and gifts [you gave] one another. Choosing more personal pieces would make [your] home cozier and happier.”

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