5 Sports You Should Be Trying This Year

So the gym isn’t your go-to place for a great workout? Whether it’s to get fit or just squeeze in some fun on weekends, these five sports are a great way to get active this year!


The Philippine wakeboarding scene has grown rapidly over the past few years through the efforts of various riders across the nation. Get stoked and try your hand at this action-packed water sport. Wakeboarding is an excellent exercise if you want to achieve that tight core and toned arms. While you’re at it, get a sun-kissed tan by the lake as well.

Where to go:
Republ1c Wakepark in NUVALI offers three lakes you can start on, a restobar, and a pool to lounge in during sunsets.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Self-defense has never been this fun! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the art of controlling your opponent without any violent strikes. BJJ is also a great way to stay in shape with its intense cardio and strength workouts. On top of that, the Jiu-jitsu community is one that is very welcoming, even to beginners.

Where to go:
Fight Factory at Bonifacio Global City offers world-class BJJ classes on a weekly basis. Get a chance to learn the gentle art from some of our homegrown black belts. Fight Factory is just within arm’s length from our Avida projects in BGC.

Ultimate Frisbee

Looking for an inexpensive weekend sport? Ultimate Frisbee might just be the thing for you. The sport is a mixture of some of the world’s most popular games, namely basketball, soccer, and football. While it’s regarded to be a competitive sport, Ultimate Frisbee caters to all beginners with different skill levels available.

Where to go:

Ultimate Frisbee can be played at UP Diliman’s Sunken Garden, with several groups enjoying the sport on weekends – perfect for Quezon City residents in Avida Towers Sola.


CrossFit is not your ordinary gym workout. In just one session, athletes can improve several aspects of their daily health such as balance, coordination, strength, and even flexibility. Not only does this form of exercise make you look good; it improves your regular everyday movements as well – like twisting a jar lid open or simply getting up from bed.

Where to go:
CrossFit Kapitolyo offers a wide array of classes that cater to beginners to advanced CrossFit athletes. CF Kapitolyo is only a short drive away from Avida Towers Centera in Mandaluyong City.


If you haven’t gotten into the world’s most popular sport, then it’s probably about time. Thanks to countless clubs and teams pushing the growth of the local football scene, more people have come to try this amazing team game.

Where to go:
Located just right across Avida Towers Turf BGC, residents have easy access to the field at Turf BGC. If you’re lucky, you just might get the chance to catch our favorite Filipino soccer stars in action.