8 Places to Discover Within Your Neighborhood

Having a home to call your own gives you a feeling of comfort and security, but the location of it makes a big difference.

When scouting for a new home, look around the neighborhood and see if everything you need is within reach.

When you live in a place that’s got everything you need within reach, it saves you a lot of time, effort, and money. Something else that money can’t buy? Peace of mind knowing that your needs will be fulfilled anytime, anywhere.

When scouting for a new home, look around and if you see the following places, you can call your home a keeper. Pursuit of Passion looked for these eight places in some Makati neighborhoods to help you get started.

1. Supermarket and hardware store. The perks of living close to a supermarket and a hardware store are obvious. For one, you and your family will never go hungry, you won’t need to worry if there’s a home repair emergency you need to address, or feel like starting a home improvement project.

Supermarket_Rustan'sLuckily, Rustan’s Fresh in Greenbelt 1 is stocked with what you and your family needs, from the freshest meats to delicious snacks. A few meters away from Rustan’s Fresh is Ace Hardware, which is filled with your usual home repair materials, plus a few knickknacks that are too fun and handy to not snap up. In any case, you will surely find what you need with the various stores located within Ayala Center. Avida Towers Asten’s retail area in West Makati will also be offering a supermarket once construction is completed.

2. A hospital. The travel time between your home to a hospital might, in some instances, mean life or death. Living in close proximity to a hospital, such as Makati Medical Center, will also give you peace of mind, knowing that if ever there’s a need to rush to the ER or see some of the country’s best doctors, it’s just less than a kilometer away.

3. A place of worship. Churches are a safe place, or an escape from our crazy busy lives. Visiting a place of worship daily can help you feel calmer and stronger, much like when you go on a retreat.

If you’ll end up living in One Antonio Makati, the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in San Antonio Village will literally be a few steps away. It is the official shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart in the Philippines, making it a popular destination for pilgrims.

National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in San Antonio Village

And if you’re like any churchgoer who wants something to eat after mass, there’s a wide array of street food available outside, or you can opt to go to Purple Oven for some pastries and coffee (they used to make the goodies for Starbucks Philippines!).

4. Schools. If thinking about the huge tuition fees is already keeping you up at night, consider as well the time you’ll spend on the road bringing the kids to school, and the money you’ll spend on transportation expenses. Living near good and reputable schools cuts all of that hassle and extra expenses away.

Fortunately, schools such as Centro Escolar University, Far Eastern University Makati, MAPUA Institute of Technology and Ateneo Center are located near West Makati.

5. Coffee shop. Got work to finish? Need some me time away from the kids? Or do you simply want your caffeine fix? Heading out to the neighborhood coffee shop, where you can have your usual drink in your usual spot, gives you comfort like no other.

Coffee 8065 in San Antonio VillageFor a laid back vibe, Coffee 8065 in San Antonio Village, Makati offers no-frills drinks and delicious food. You can get a cup of bottomless coffee for P65! If you want to go for something more upscale, Restock is also in San Antonio Village, along hip Guijo Street. Go for their specialty coffees and the art that adorns their walls.

6. A family restaurant. Besides saving you from those days when you’re simply too tired to cook and wash the dishes, having a family restaurant nearby is a chance for the entire family to bond sans the stress and exhaustion that comes with cooking.

For home-cooked meals, head down to PatPat’s Kansi in San Antonio Village, where they serve piping-hot Kansi (choose from either laman or buto), along with other Filipino food favorites like liempo and BBQ. For healthier fare, Vina Trang serves authentic Vietnamese food straight out of a home kitchen, and is just down the same street as PatPat’s Kansi.

7. A day spa. Need a quick R&R after a long harassing day in the office? Getting a good massage can almost be a healing experience, and when it’s just nearby, you can make it a monthly ritual, or perhaps even ask if they have a home service that you can avail since you’ve been such a loyal patron.

If you want to go for something different and authentic, head down to the Arogya Ayurvedic Center in San Antonio Village, where their treatments are inspired by meditative practices from India. The center touches on giving you a more holistic experience, starting with assessing what concerns need to be addressed. Depending on what they are, they will suggest not just treatments for the body but food that will nourish and heal, and a few meditation exercises.

8. Sports facility. Raise your hand if you know the awesome benefits of exercise, but you’ve been putting it off because you’re “so busy”! But when you live oh-so-close to a sports facility, it’s hard to find excuses to get fit.

The Zone along Malugay Street is both a badminton and basketball facility, and even during their busiest of times, you’ll always find it comfortable and easy to play in. If you’re looking for something more inside the gym, Mad Minute CrossFit along Yakal Street offers intense Crossfit programs and classes.