Shake Up Your Feminine Home Style with Dark Colors

If your home style is more on the girly side, you don't have to stick to pastels or pinks. Interior designer Erika Uichanco recommends these four dark shades for your space.

Pursuit of Passion
Brown and pink go well together, which creates a natural and very relaxing space

Nowadays, homeowners are becoming more and more creative in decorating their homes. With or without the help of an interior designer, their spaces become not just a place to live in but also an extension of their personalities. They break away from beiges and whites and become bolder in choosing colors.

Colors are no longer confined to a specific style either. If your style is feminine, for example, you can use any color you like. “The first thing that comes to mind [when you say feminine style] are pastel colors in pink, purple, blue, and green, balanced out with neutrals like beige, gray, and white,” says interior designer Erika Uichanco.

But if you’re tired of these colors, why not give dark hues a try? They can do wonders to your space. “Dark colors [give] a space more character and give it that classic, elegant feel. It gives visual drama and creates a sophisticated backdrop for simple and clean furniture pieces or accessories. With dark colors, you can explore different textures and finishes in the same color palette to add more depth to a space,” explains Uichanco.

Just remember to balance the dark colors with other elements to keep them from overwhelming your space. “Dark colors are already strong, so I suggest making use of printed wallpapers in the same color scheme or adding more textures in smaller décor such as linens, throw pillows, and area rugs,” recommends Uichanco. The designer adds, “Soft and comfy fabrics also make a dark space more feminine. Think tufted headboards and ruffled or satin and velvet pillows.”

Ready to use dark hues in your feminine space? Here are colors to try:

1. Dark Gray

“A dark gray color mixed with bright or soft shades of pink can make a space look modern and pleasant. You can add more contrast by adding black and white décor. It adds sophistication and elegance to your space.”

2. Black

“A classic black color mixed with white can give that feminine, Parisian-feel or modern look to a space, depending on how it is applied. Black and gold accessories also evoke a very dramatic and sexy feel. This is a feminine color palette, but with a certain masculinity in it.”

Pursuit of Passion

3. Dark Blue

“[This] is also a common choice and it can make a space look feminine. Pair it with white décor and some prints [to] create a dramatic mood.”

4. Brown
“Brown and pink also go well together, which creates a natural and very relaxing space. You can easily play this up and down with white and accessories in [earth colors]. Dark brown mixed with gold colors is also a popular choice. It can give the space a luxurious feel. It can also be appealing to men while still maintaining that feminine look.”